Thursday, 2 February 2017

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Make Sure that your Market Panel Indicator has the correct time.

Some people are having a problem getting their HTTBOP_Market_Panel showing the correct time after the daylight savings time change.

You only need to set this up correctly once and then it will make changes by itself for any daylight savings changes in the future.

Broker time is required by the code that features PivotsTz and vLines. 

 When data feed is live the broker time is available. When data feed is not live it is not available. We need to find and input the Clock location that has the same time as the broker server. Then, even without live data feed we will still have the equivalent of the broker server time to work with, generated by the Clock, andthe PivotsTz and vLines will always display properly. 

Perform the following steps.

When there is live data feed use the Clock to find the Clock time zone location matching the broker server time. Change "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server" to "false". The Clock will display "B" (for broker server) at the time zone location matching the broker server time.

You can populate the Clock with all labels to find "B" (see Clock instructions below).

Chances are the labels needed are already displayed. If "B" shows in the "London" label
things are not so clear because London time is GMT during the non-DST time of the year
(winter in northern hemisphere). During that time we can not tell from the Clock if the
broker server is on GMT or on London time all year. Call your broker to find out.

You now have the Clock Proxy Server TZ location, either from the Clock or your broker.

Type this location name, exactly as it appears in the Clock, into the Preface input called

 Now change "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server_Tz" back to "true" for normal operation. 

You have successfully completed the steps to assure the correct and 24/7 display of PivotsTz and market vLines. This indicator adjusts for DST changeovers when they occur twice yearly, which happens at different times at different places. This is fully automated. No adjustments for DST are required by the user.

The default "Clock_Proxy_Server_Tz_Location" is "Helsinki" because it is the most popular
time zone used for broker servers. If this is not the time zone your broker server uses,
then PivotsTz and vLines will display incorrectly. 

So, be sure you follow the steps above to confirm this default selection is correct, and if not then to find and input the correct Clock Proxy Server TZ location. Without an input this indicator will not function. Be sure that "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server" is "false" only when searching for the Clock Proxy Server TZ location. It must be "true" for normal indicator operation.

This is how mine looks:

Market Panel settings for Daylight savings

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Giambrone announces legal action against Banc de Binary and it's affiliates

How To Trade Binary Options Profitably is pleased to share this press release from Giambrone Law.

Press Release:


Giambrone’s Binary Options Trading Litigation team has received several complaints by international investors about Banc de Binary, a binary options broker founded by Oren Shabat Laurent, an American and Israeli citizen who lives in Tel Aviv and who is permanently barred from doing any business in the United States or with any US person.

In view of the large number of complaints received, our lawyers have already reported these complaints to the CFTC, the European Securities and Markets Authority, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the Israel Securities Authority, the Ontario Securities Commission, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, the Italian CONSOB,  the Australian watchdog ASIC, the New Zealand watchdog FMA and the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority pursuant to the recent “Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation and exchange of Information” between the USA and Europe.

We expect that these authorities will fulfil their respective regulatory mandates in the context of supervising Banc De Binary internationally, particularly in the areas of protecting customers, fostering the integrity of and maintaining confidence in financial markets and to reduce systemic risk across the binary options industry. 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Weekend Sports Trading

Had another profitable weekend with my Sports Trader.

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