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Binary Options Advanced Strategy

In the quest to make my binary options trading life as easy as possible and with the least amount of screen time, yet still profitable,  I now offer you my easy to use advanced binary options strategy. 

It is a free binary options strategy with all the required indicators for members of my forums.

If you don't know how to become a member, you can find out how to do that on this page:

If you are not yet a member, then sign up for my newsletter and free 10 minute strategy over on the right there and I will send you over the advanced strategy indicators for a free  trial of it, along with the 10 minute pullback strategy indicators.

The indicators will stop working after a few days after which time if you would still like to use the indicators for the advanced strategy, then you would need to become a member of my forums.

Read more on that here.

Let's take a look at how it looks on a chart: (click on an image to enlarge it)

Binary Options advanced strategy how it looks
USDCHF 1 Hour chart 21 Sept 2015

We are trading on the 1 Hour charts and looking for 1 Hour expiry times.

Same chart again, but this time with numbers on, which will relate to an indicator.

Binary options chart with numbered indicators
Same USDCHF chart as above

The numbers on the chart are the following:
  1. Access panel showing open markets in green and other info about the current price.
  2. HTTBOP Trend Signals which creates the little red and green dots under and above the candles and numbered 9.
  3. HTTBOP Trendy that is the red and green line showing the prevailing trend. When it is green we are looking for up or call trades and when it is red we are looking for down or put trades.
  4. Asian Breakout Box is the blue box I use as a visual reference as to what markets are open. I have it set for the London open to the London close and with a few hours before the London open for some of the Asian currency markets. I mainly only trade during the London open hours, but one of the markets of a currency pair must be open for best results.
  5. Shows the market opening times and the range highs and lows as well as round numbers and half numbers. These are the only support and resistance levels that I really watch. This info is created by the Access Panel number 1.
  6. FFCal Headlines or Forex Factory Calendar Headlines which shows the high impact news in Green. 
  7. HTTBOP 10 Min Indie. If I take an up trade I want to see green candles showing on the indie and when I take a down trade I want to see red candles showing on the indie. 
  8. Volume Suite shows the volume for that specific candle. Green volume bars show 200% more bullish  volume than the preceding bar and blue volume bars show 150% more bullish volume than the preceding bar. Red volume bars show 200% more bearish volume than the preceding bar and the purple volume bars show 150% more bearish volume than the preceding bar. I mainly look at that if I have a losing trade. I will explain later.
  9. Is the little red or green dot created by the HTTBOP Trend Signals Indicator and appears as green above a candle or red below a candle.
  10. Is either a blue arrow showing change of direction to the upside or an orange arrow showing change of direction to the downside.
How does it all work?

All we are looking for is a combination of four indicators to align to take our trade.

The main combination is 3 and 9 and 10. If we get a 9 and 10 combination and the trendy indicator which is number 3 all point in the same direction, we take a 1 hour down or put trade.

Before we enter that trade we just make sure that we also have a corresponding colored bar on the 10 minute indie which is number 7.

That is it.

An example from the above chart.

binary option down trade
USDCHF 1 hour down trade
Number 3 our trendy line was red for a down trend and then we got a 9 and 10 combination for a down trade and our 10 minute indie which is number 7 was also showing a red candle. We entered a down binary option trade with a 1 hour expiry time. Winner.

From the same main chart above:

binary option up trade
USDCHF 1 hour Up trade

Number 3 our trendy line was green for an Up trend and then we got a 9 and 10 combination for an up trade and our 10 minute indie which is number 7 was also showing a green candle. We entered an Up binary option trade with a 1 hour expiry time. Winner.

How do we get the alert and how do we trade it?

Well it is basically like having your own signal service, so no reason to go spending good money on signal service providers who in most cases won't beat your in the money strike rate percentage that you get with this advanced binary options strategy.

The signals arrive on the hour every hour if there is one, via email, sound alert and notify to your phone if you wish, although I find the phone notification to be too delayed in most cases.

The indicator that will send you the alerts is the HTTBOP Change indicator.

Now when you get that alert, let's say it is the sound alert on your MT4, which as I say will arrive on the hour and up to a few minutes past, but usually on the hour. It will be an an alert showing a change of direction. So either an orange down arrow or a blue up arrow.

So as you get your alert, open up the corresponding chart and now take a quick look to see if firstly we have indicator number 9, the little green or red dot below or above the preceding candle. 

Obviously you must have a green dot with a blue arrow and a red dot with an orange arrow.

Next, we look for indicator number 3 the trendy line. Is it the same color as our direction we want to trade? Red for the down trade and green for the up trade.

The price action can be taking place above or below the trendy line, it doesn't matter with this strategy.

Next, take a look at indicator number 7, the 10 minute indi and make sure that you have a corresponding colored candle for the direction you wish to trade in. Green for up and red for down.

Next, take a look at indicator number 6, our FFCal News indicator and make sure that we are not about to place a trade when there is high impact news for that currency, especially the high impact USA news releases.

However as we are trading on the 1 hour charts this can be forgiving and can actually give good results with this strategy, but beware. You will get familiar with it after a bit of time watching it.

So, if all those criteria match up. Enter a trade for a 1 hour expiry.

The good brokers for this advanced strategy are: 24Option StockPair and PorterFinance as you can always get a 1 hour expiry with those brokers and combined they cover all the best assets to trade.

PorterFinance has a completely new site with a huge list of assets to trade and the assets are open throughout the day and they accept USA traders again, so if you are a US trader then PorterFinance is your only option, albeit a great one and the minimum trade amount starts at just $5, so you can be placing small trades until you are comfortable with the strategy.

Here is a video explaining the advanced binary options strategy in more detail:

Try and watch the video in HD.

Now before you ask if it works on other time-frames, the answer is that it is optimized for best results on the 1 hour time frame and with 1 hour expiry times and of course I have designed it to make my life easier as I don't want to be watching charts every minute of every trading day, but please feel free to have a play around with different time frames and different settings. Maybe you come up with something great.

For me just standing by and waiting for my signals on the hour works out fine.

If you would like to be trading those smaller time frames like 60 seconds and 5 minutes, etc, then I suggest that you use TradingPredictor as those guys trade off of the 1 minute time frame and are getting good results.

Cautions, Best Practice and Losing Trades

There is a reason why you will get losing trades even when you have your signal and set up in place.

The reason is that by the time you get your trade on, the price has moved quite a bit already in the direction that you want it to be going. 

The best way to handle this is to actually wait for the candle to pull back to the opposite color of the direction that you want to be trading in, before placing your trade to conclude at the end of that hour.

You often get a lot of signals on the hour and then need to look at quite a few charts pretty quickly and often have to wait for the optimum moment to place your trade. 
This is another reason why I stick to the 1 hour time frame compared to the lower time frames.

binary options candlestick 

As you can see in this above example, you had your signal and the set up we are looking for to trade was there.

Now the best result would have been to wait until we saw the candle that our 1 hour trade was going to be on, to actually be showing Red before we put the trade on for the remainder of that hour. I know this is counter intuitive, but it gets the best results.You just have to get your head around it.

Remember that we don't actually know how this candle played out. Did it go straight up to it's highs and then come back to it's lows, before carrying on up and closing positive or did it pullback to it's lows first, before going to it's highs and then pulling back to close positive?

We just don't know.

What we do know is that if we had of placed our trade when the candle was showing red and for the remainder of the hour, we would have won, compared to if we had of placed our trade while the candle was showing green. 

We might have gotten in higher than the actual close and of course that would have meant a losing trade in this case as the candle wasn't very big in the end. I hope you are following me on this.

Of course if the candle went straight up and green and then only towards the end of the hour did it came back down and become red, then we can give this a miss completely and save ourselves from a most probable losing trade altogether.

What do I mean by placing the trade for the remainder of the hour exactly?

The candle in this example was from 3pm to 4pm. So let us say that once we had received our signal and by the time we got to look at it on our chart, it was already showing green.

What we do is go to our brokers platform and set up the trade to expire at 4pm and an Up trade. Now we have our trade set up and now we go back to our chart and wait for the candle to be showing Red before we actually pull the trigger on our trade.

Now maybe we only waited a few minutes or maybe this only happened 25 minutes later, regardless of how long it takes,(within reason of course, but after half an hour or more, probably best just to forget it.)  we still have the expiry time set for the 4pm expiration.

So, let us say that it only turned Red 25 minutes later and then we activated our trade, this means in effect that we only had a 35 minute trade. It doesn't matter, we still have the 4pm expiry and in this example any trade taken while the candle was Red and closing at 4pm would have been a winner.

Of course for down trades it will be the reverse set up.

If you are not using PorterFinance or 24Option where you can take a trade to end on the hour exactly but a broker like StockPair ,where the trade is for an hour expiry after you start the trade, then please do, as long as you follow the above advice and only place the trade when the candle is showing the opposite color to the direction that you want the trade to go. 

Some guys like to get their signal on the hour and then change their chart down to either a M15 or M5 time frame and then wait for an arrow in the direction that they want to trade after a pullback and within the same hour or just wait for the price action to be above or below the closing of the candle that gave the signal, and that also works, but that is up to you. The way I do it on the H1 chart works out fine for me and is less hassle.

Now the flip-side to this is what if we have our signal set up and we wait for the pullback of the candle to the opposite color of the direction that we want and it never pulls back?

binary options candlestick no wick

As you can see in this example, we would have waited and waited and at no time did the candle pullback to red. We can tell because there is no wick or shadow on this candle.

Well that is just bad luck and we missed the trade unfortunately.Just wait for the next one and there will be a next one I can guarantee you that.

In my experience, you will come out with a higher strike rate overall by waiting for the candle to be showing the opposite color before pulling the trigger on your trade.

How to manage losing trades:

Of course this doesn't always pan out and we end up having a losing trade.

binary options losing trade

As in the above example:
  1. We put our trade on while the candle was green, but it kept pulling back and we ended up with a losing trade.
  2. After that losing trade we still showed red candles on the 10 minute indie below the chart .
  3. And still good volume on the volume analysis histogram below the chart.The volume candles must be of very similar size. If they are not of a similar size then this next trade is cancelled. Watch out for opposite green and red candles here in the volume histogram or one of the colors being a red or green and the other a normal candle. Best results are when both candles are of the same height and color.
  4. We waited for the candle to still be showing green and entered our trade down for an hour. 
  5. I didn't write a number 5 on the image above, but it goes without saying that your trendy line must be the same color as the original direction we wanted to trade in. If it has changed color, then this next trade is cancelled.
Now this is something that you must get very familiar with as knowing how to trade this is what is going to turn this strategy into a cash cow.

Now why do I say that you ask?

Well if you do a little look back test over the last 20 days on any currency pair, you will notice that your signal either produced a winning one hour trade straight away or a complete loser as the candle closed in the exact opposite color to what you wanted and then the following one hour candle went in the direction that you wanted in the first place. (This happens more than enough times to justify what I am going to explain next.)

How annoying hey? That is binary options for you, having the correct direction but getting hit by the pullback before your anticipated direction continues on.

This however can work very much in our favor to make this strategy very profitable and you can take the next trade as long as the requirements as explained above are in place.

If they are not exactly as explained above, then this follow on trade is cancelled and we wait for the next signal.

Now as I explained in the video above, this is not a martingale, but that is not entirely true. I wanted to take the time to explain it in more detail. 

This I believe is one of those times that a martingale or doubling up of your losing trade is justified, purely down to the high percentage of times that this plays out.

I am not even comfortable calling it a martingale as we will only double up on our losing trade just once. That is it. No further doubling up.

How I have been doing my money management is to take my initial stake that I want to trade with and divide it by three and now only place that one third as my first trade size.

If it wins, then I follow on with my money management as outlined on this page.

However, if it loses, I then take the remaining two thirds of my trade amount and place it on this next trade as explained above if all the requirements are met. Win or lose I go back to basics and no further doubling up.

Let us put this into $$ amounts.

Say I want to trade $15 then I divide that by 3 to get to $5 and that is my first trade amount.
You can get $5 trades on PorterFinance. Most other brokers start at about $20 for a minimum trade, so you can do the maths there.

Now if it loses and we have the set up as outlined above for our next trade, then my next trade amount would be the remaining $10.

This would of course cover the costs of our first trade loss if it wins.

Lose and it is back to the drawing board.

Now this is only valid if the trade loses because it went in the opposite direction, so it closed in the opposite color to what we wanted and not because we got onto the trade late. This is crucially important.

You can of course just skip this doubling trade completely and wait for a brand new signal and you will still do well as there are more winning set ups than losing ones.

So with a combination of our money management systems as explained here and doing just this one double up after a loss, this binary options advanced strategy works out very nicely.

In Summary

There are a few main factors in making this into a winning strategy.

The first is, as we discussed above, is to execute your trade when the candle is showing the opposite color to the direction that you want to trade in once you have received your signal and the set up combinations are in place. It doesn't have to be by much, just so long as when you place your trade it is while the candle is showing the opposite color.

The second is that there must be volume in the market. Now the best way to achieve this is to only trade when at least one of the markets of the currency pair being traded is open.

I generally only trade from say the Frankfurt open to the London close. I find this the best time to trade as there is usually decent volume in the market and the trades follow through more.

Now if your situation is such that you can only trade the late New York session or Asian session, then please look at your volume histogram below the charts and make sure that there is at least some volume in the market.

Also, watch out for those high impact news releases, especially the USA ones and stay out of the market 1 hour either side of those news releases.

Now I did say in the video that as we are trading on the 1 hour chart it can play out quite well to take trades regardless (after the news release and not before it), but that is for other currency news releases in the main and not USA high impact news releases, as those can really move the market about. So watch out for those on your FFCal indicator and  include things like when the Fed speaks.(FOMC)

Now following all that, don't forget about the main thing that can kill your account and that is....Money Management.....yes, the biggest killer of accounts by far. 

Listen you are going to have losing trades, that is a given, but with the ideas I suggest above and sticking to it, you should come out ahead with this binary options strategy.

Try and think of trading profits over a month period and not try and make it all in a day as an example.

And finally the most important attribute you need to trade this is Patience.

Patience, patience, patience.

Wait for trades to set up and don't go chasing trades.

Having said all that, it is still a game of skill and how you trade the signal that you get is still the key factor. Sometimes it is better to just sit on your hands and wait for a better looking set up. No signal can work out 100% but with this strategy and a bit of skill you have a better than average chance of success, I can assure you of that.

Update on the look of our indicator.

binary options chart without Asian Breakout Box

In an attempt to make the indicator work faster I removed the Asian Breakout Box as we still have the market opening and closing lines showing for the day.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Binary Options for US Traders - What's the deal?

As of the 14th September 2015, SpotOption, which is one of the main suppliers of binary options platforms to the Binary options market, dictated that all of their brands No Longer Accept USA Traders.

This has meant that good brokers like PorterFinance and CherryTrade can no longer accept US traders even though they were willing to.

Listening to feedback from various brokers in the industry, it seems that the reporting of US citizens financial affairs to the USA taxman are just to onerous to be worthwhile in the long run.

The writing has been on the wall for a few years now as when a broker applies for EU regulation, one of the first orders of business is to stop accepting US citizens as a condition of their regulations.

A good example would be StockPair

They have always been a great broker and still one of the best, if not the best and used to accept US traders with no hassle until they started their application for EU regulation.

Then in an instant, no more US citizens were allowed to join, followed by the closing of accounts for US traders.


So what to do?

Well it appears that as a US trader you are welcome to do what you like with your finances as long as those finances stay within the borders of the good old USA.

That pretty much leaves you with just one binary option player to choose from and that is NADEX.

I did take a look at them at one stage, but my impressions were that if you wanted to trade binary options then  why even bother with what NADEX has to offer as it is more of a hybrid of binary options and traditional options.

Of course this was when Americans could still freely sign up for binary options off shore.

Well as times have changed for our American friends, what is the solution?

My opinion is that if you are going to have to go through the learning curve of trading NADEX, you may as well spend that time learning to trade traditional options and where you can choose from a variety of brokers offering the platforms to trade them.

Well where do I learn to trade options?

As it happens, Market Club has an options trading program.

It is called Market Club Options and is actually a brand new course that they have recently released and taught by a trader named Trader Travis.

It actually teaches an options trading strategy using Market Club to scan for trades and looks very successful by all accounts.

I have only recently signed up for it and it is very clever and very simple in my opinion, but genius at the same time. I don't know why I didn't think of

The course consists of 9 video lessons that include exercises and tests with each segment. It also includes Options Basics Bootcamp and How Not to Trade video lessons, plus a member forum, making it perfect for traders of all types, from those that are new to options, to seasoned traders.

This is not just for US traders, but for anyone from anywhere.

I don't want to say anymore at this stage, rather go and check it out for yourself.

Trader Travis has created a “proof of concept” exercise that will teach traders how to trade options in just 10 minutes. It is a  Free Sign Up, so go and check it out and post your thoughts and comments below.

You can click here to get the info or on the banner below.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How To Trade Binary Options with Trading Predictor

This is an update as to how I am trading binary options with the Trading Predictor software.

I know that the good people over at Trading Predictor have released some new videos and an updated user manual, which they send out to all users, so if you are having success with that, then all good.

I am just showing you how I am now doing my day trading of binary options using the Trading Predictor software. It is working out pretty good for me and so it might give you some ideas. Please make sure that you read the Trading Predictor manual before attempting this strategy as you will then see where I am coming from.. They give it to you as part of the members welcome pack when you join.

The first thing I have done is to put all my charts on a virtual server and on the M5 time frame. I am using Amazon Web Services, EC2 now and it is the best VPS that I have used so far.

You can get a free one as well,  but I find that free one really slow. Costs me about $15 a month for an extra windows computer so now I can free up my laptop and makes everything much much easier for me, as you will see.

You can click on all images to enlarge.

My charts on my VPS

This is what I have on my charts.

Chart set up with Trading Predictor on VPS

Now the most important part of this is that I have my Trading Predictor (TP) alert set up to send me an email alert when there is a Diamond Alert on the M5 chart.

The template for this is in the forum called Trading Predictor..

So, that is the first part on how to get your signals delivered to your inbox.

Setting up my MT4 charts on my own computer.

Now for every currency pair that I trade, I have it set up as a profile on my MT4 on my own machine.

Profile Binary Options Trading
Profile set up for each currency pair
Obviously there are a lot more  that didn't fit in on that screen shot.

And this is how the profile looks for each currency profile.

Charts for trading binary options
H1, M15, M5, M1 click to enlarge
So, I have four charts, the H1, M15, M5 and M1 charts and on each chart it is slightly different.

H1 Chart

H1 chart for trading binary options
H1 Chart
Trading Predictor
CHT Value Chart
Sonic FFCal News Indicator
P4L Clock
Ichi Monitor

M15 Chart

M15 chart binary options trading
M15 Chart

Trading Predictor
Damiani Voltameter
Average Daily Range Pro 

M5 Chart

M5 chart binary options trading
M5 Chart

Trading Predictor
Damiani Voltameter

M1 Chart

M1 chart binary options trade
M1 chart

Trading Predictor

Right, so I had actually received an email alert a little earlier as I was making this post. No need to even open the email alert as you can see immediately all the necessary info.

email alert for trading binary options
email alert looks like this
This comes into my inbox. So straight away I go onto my EURCAD profile on my MT4 that is on my machine and open it. I also actually have my remote desktop connection open to my VPS, so I also heard the alert, but the main thing is the email alert.This means that you can receive the signal directly to your phone if you have the text messaging set up on your phone or direct to your inbox.

So when I open my profile for my EURCAD I see this:

eurcad chart for binary options trading
The Strategy:

First thing I check for is to make sure one of the markets is open. I do this by taking a quick look at my P4L clock on my H1 chart.. Yes Europe is open.

Ideally I would like to see 4 Diamonds, but the minimum to see is 3x Diamonds all pointing in the same direction on the M15, the M5 and the M1. Yes we have that. If I don't have 3xDiamonds, no trade.

I make sure to open each chart, starting with the H1 and check if there is any high impact news coming out that could sabotage my trade. I do this by checking the Sonic FFCal News indicator.

No there is nothing.

 I dont like to put a trade on for at least 30 minutes before a high impact news and at least an hour after that news.  I usually just skip the signal  altogether if there is high impact news for that currency that day and wait for something else.Why not? I want to reduce risk as much as possible and there are always lots of good signal line ups during the course of the day.

On my M15 and M5 charts I like to see the grey wave going in the direction of the direction that I want to take the trade in, so in this case up. This is also recommended in the Trading Predictor manual.

Next I just take a look at any support and resistance lines on my FiboPiv and also on the Average Daily Range Pro calculator which shows the weekly highs and lows and middles. Ok so it is all happening around the Support 2. Looks like a place that it may pullback/bounce off.

Then, are the Diamonds below the orange boundary line on the Trading Predictor? Yes on the M1 and M5 and very close on the M15. That is good enough. Just remember that it must be so on the M1.

Ok, so now we are waiting for a Ruby to appear on the Diamond on the M1....waiting....

Now, this is an extra step, that I take, to confirm that I am going to take the trade if the ruby appears.

I look at the Damiani Voltameter on the M15 and M5 charts.

What that Damiani Voltameter does is a mathematical calculation to decide if there is enough volatility in the market. Very easy, the green line must be above the silver line. It will actually tell you, either trade or no trade.

I will only enter a trade if both the M15 and the M5 Damiani Voltameter both say Trade, that is the green line is above the silver line.

Right, so in this next image, the Ruby has appeared below the Diamond on the M1 chart. 

ruby has appeared binary option trade is taken
Ruby has appeared below the Diamond M1 chart

All criteria are met, so let's get a trade on.

EURCAD Call Trade Taken

So, EURCAD call trade taken on the 24Option platform. Got on for a 12 minute expiry time.Usually looking for a 10 - 15 minute expiry.

Gold Coin:

gold coin binary options trading
Gold Coin appears on M1 chart
Ok, in the above image, you can see that the Gold Coin has appeared a couple of minutes after the Ruby appeared on the Diamond, so you would be fine to also enter now, according to the Trading Predictor Gold Coin strategy.

However, I am more of a fan of the Ruby and generally only take trades once the Ruby has shown itself and especially when it appears on the Diamond as in this trade.


EURCAD winner binary options
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 12 minutes later and we have come good.

What about longer trades and scalping?

Definitely, but I only take longer trades and scalping forex trades if I have all Diamonds showing in the same direction on all 4 of my charts. 

So, there must  be a Diamond on my H1, M15, M5 and M1 charts and then I will take my entry off the M1 if I see it.

If I miss it for some reason, then I will take it from the M5 once the Ruby shows up on that time frame. I have found about 35 minutes is good.

If I have to take it off the M15 then between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes works out good.

For trades off the H1, then an expiry for the end of the day works out good.

For trades lasting longer than a day, then I use my Market Club strategy, which I will put up for you shortly.

For scalping, it is a little different and I will make a post about that specifically, but to summarize it briefly, it also involves making sure that your H1 and M15 EMAs are in the same direction as your Ichi Monitor Arrows (13 or more) and a risk to reward of 1:3, but as I say, I will go into detail in a separate post.

Final Thoughts and Pointers

If you stick to the strategy (discipline and patience) as outlined above, using the Trading Predictor software and set your charts up as I have and most importantly make sure that you are trading with a Money Management (MM) strategy like I suggest over here, then there really is no reason why you can't get the same results as me.

I know that some people that I speak to think that the Trading Predictor is a bit pricey at $9 for a two week trial and then $129 a month thereafter, but really, if you just stick with this one setup and strategy and master it you will be successful and that $129 might well be the best  investment you make for running your trading business.

The other indicators and templates are available for free download in my forums for members. If you are not yet a member, you can read here, how to become one.

Also, I only have my charts on my VPS on the M5 timeframe when I am going to be day trading. Otherwise, I leave it on either a M15 or H1 timeframe. I have profiles set up for those time frames as well, otherwise your inbox is going to be flooded with email alerts.

Of course you don't need a VPS,  it just makes my life easier. You can just set up everything on your machine.

Here is the link to the Trading Predictor site.

How to Set Up the email or Text Alert function in MT4 for Binary Options Trading

This is how I have set up my email alert function on my Virtual Private Server (VPS) MT4 to send me an email alert to my inbox when I get an alert on my Trading Predictor M5 chart that a Diamond has appeared. You can also set up a text alert directly to your phone.

Of course you don't have to have a VPS, but it just makes my life easier. As long as you have a computer that you can keep running all the time, then you can also use this method to get alerts delivered to your inbox or text alerts directly to your phone from your MT4 platform instead of watching the screen all the time.

The VPS that I am using is the EC2 from Amazon.

If you have a VPS then download your MT4 to it or on your MT4 on your machine that you have on most of the time, these are the steps.

First you will need a free email from

gmx free email account for binary options trading

This is the only free email account that gives you the info for the SMTP server. (That I know of)

So, go ahead and sign up for a free email account so long and of course make a note of your email  address and password (obviously lol). I would suggest only using this account for the task of acting as your email server for MT4 and nothing else.

Right, so I assume that you have done that.

Next,  we need to input your new email info into your MT4 so that it can act basically as your email server.

Go to your MT4 platform, either on your VPS or wherever your MT4 is that you want to install this function.

Select >>Tools from the top menu and then Options from the drop down menu..

tools options binary options

Once you have selected Options, a new box will open. Select the email tab.

email particulars
Very first thing is to make sure you put a check or tick in the Enable box.
Now fill in the particulars as shown. That is a screen shot of mine, so you will need to add in your own particulars. The only one that we will have in common is the SMTP server info.

SMTP server:    (that is a colon :  between com and 587)
SMTP login  :         your new email address that you just created
SMTP password:    your new email address password that you just created
From:                     your new email address that you just created, put it in again
To:                         the email address of the inbox you want the alert delivered to ( I have it sent to my gmail)

If you did not want the message sent to your own email inbox, but instead directly to your phone, then you need to insert your phones text messaging address in the To: field.

Your phones Text messaging allows you to receive emails as text messages on your phone.

To find out what your phones text messaging address is, just send  a text message from your phone to your own personal email address. When you receive it, just look at the from info and that is the address you need.

This is how mine looks.

text address binary options
with text address
So, mine looks like this,

( I changed the number as I don't want all and sundry phoning me, but that is what it looks like) Everything the same , except for the To field address.

Now I prefer the email option as I find the text messaging can be rather delayed, but which ever one you chose, send off a Test alert.

Then click on OK.

Hopefully you now received an alert in your inbox.

If you are having problems with the Text alert, then contact your service provider. (and not me)

Now assuming that all went well and you actually used the template that you downloaded from the forums, then you should be all good to go as I have it all set up.

If not, then you need to make sure that your Trading Predictor is set up to send email alerts.

Right click on a chart on your MT4 and Select >> Indicators List

Then Select >> TP7 from the box that appears and then Edit.

TP7 Binary Options trading
Then in the next box that opens, make sure that where it says Email Alert, that it is set to True.

Email Alert Set To True

Again if you are setting it up yourself then once you have done that save the chart as a Template and apply it to all your charts, then Save all those charts as a Profile.

Of course, this is how you set up email alerts for any indicators that you have, so long as they offer the email alert option.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Binary Options Chat and Forums

The Binary Options Trading Chat and Binary Options forums are working again.

Please let me know if you have any problems logging in.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Binary Options Trading Chat Room

Having a few server issues with the Binary Options Chat Room. I have the server guy working on it now.
Hope to have it up and running in the next few hours.
I will post here when it is up and running.