Tuesday, 26 July 2016

FaceBook Binary Options Scammers - A Warning

You have most probably seen hundreds of those ads on FaceBook offering you an account manager to manage your binary options account and make you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ per week with their special software or many years of experience.

Or the ones where they say that they had been losing some huge amount until they met a certain Mr. Smith or Aunty Joyce or somebody neutral sounding like that. Yes?

Well, really? You're most probably thinking scam, and I hope that you are, but then something in the back of your mind is saying what if? what if?

Well here we have the tale of caution from Mr. Collins Nwanojuo who unfortunately fell for one of these FaceBook scammers and has now made it his mission to bring attention to this scam.

I was in contact with Collins and asked him if I could post his story here and he agreed as he wishes everyone to be aware how this scam works. 

You can get a hold of him on FaceBook if you wish to ask him more by clicking on his name Collins Nwanojuo

I have just copied and pasted his story here and so it is in his own words:



Are you a NEWBIE trader looking for "account manager" here in Facebook groups to manage your account?

If yes, then you are interested in getting SCAMMED. 

You may then contact any of the "account managers" on Facebook begging and pleading with you to hire them to manage your broker account, with a Scamming strategy.

Note that When you contact them, they will redirect you to their gmail account or mostly Skype, where they have a sophisticated scamming software (their brain) of asking you to deposit money with them and they will make you thousands of dollars every week.

I dare you to believe that!

When you foolishly send the money to them to open a broker account and deposit the money for trading. They will ask you for a further $550 -$1050 for a software to use in trading your account. Remember they are EXPERTS (scammers) in account management.

Again if you stupidly and maybe foolishly send them money for the non-existing so-called software. They will wait for a week for you to call them and demand your thousands of dollars per week (as agreed,remember?).

They will tell you that your thousands are ready for you to withdraw but there is a problem.


Calm down, they will say to you, it is that they need you to send them additional $300 for account verification before you withdraw your thousands of dollars.

If you send them this further $300 because you are the worlds most dumbest, insane and foolish human being on earth. They will smile and ask you to give them a few days to a week to verify the account with a promise of still trading for you with your first deposit of $500 plus the $12000 profit already made and further making you $55000 profit "wow" lol lol lol omg.

You fall for it because you are now a robot in their hands because like I earlier said you are the worlds most "foolishest" person alive.

After a week later, you are soooooo happy and expecting to withdraw $55000, so you try to contact them, but oh no you can't access their Facebook account why? (You've been BLOCKED) You ask yourself, but no problems, you check your Skype but found that you're BLOCKED also, omg oh no, you rush and check your email but yet again, your mails to him bounces.

Now you're so scared that you call him or her on phone but the answering machine says "the number you are trying to call does not exist please try again.

Now you're blood pressure is running so erratic and your about to pass out, only to remember that I WARNED YOU OF ACCOUNT MANAGERS on Facebook, that they are ALL SCAMMERS.

Please remember that no human being can make thousands for you on Facebook. It's a SCAM. I was a victim of scam myself, so am sharing what I know.

Please NEVER EVER send money to anyone on Facebook begging you to hire him to manage your broker account and make you thousands of dollars per week.

It's not true, they are all scammers. RUN

Well, there you have it in no uncertain terms.

So now you know how these FaceBook scammers work, don't fall for their tricks.

In fact why not call them out when you see these ads on FaceBook.

Many thanks to Collins Nwanojuo for sharing his story.

Updated binary options indicators July 2016

I sent everybody on the How To Trade Binary Options Profitably newsletter list updated indicators yesterday, so please check your inbox.

If you find that they are playing up for any reason, then just delete them and download them again and re-install as I did make a mistake the first time around when uploading them.

Sorry about that, but they working fine now.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Updated Binary options Pullback Strategy that Works

Just updated the binary options pullback strategy that works on the M15 time frame on the MT4 platform.

Been having some really good binary trades with this one.

Check it out on this page

If you are already a subscriber to the How to Trade Binary Options Profitably newsletter it is on the way over to your inbox as we speak.

Friday, 22 July 2016

How to set up MT4 and binary options indicators and template

Once you have downloaded the indicators and template that I have sent you for the binary options pullback strategy or any strategy, you will need to get the indicators and template loaded into your MT4 platform.

These are the same steps for loading any indicators and templates.

First though, you will need to get yourself a MT4 platform.

I suggest using Cash Back Forex as they have a good selection of approved MT4 providers and if one day you actually decide to start trading spot forex with real money, you will receive a cash rebate on your spread costs.

This is in fact money for nothing and can certainly add up to a sizable amount of the years.

Watch this video first and all will be explained:

Quite straightforward once you get the hang of it.

Visit this page for the steps on setting up your email alerts on the MT4

Visit CashBackForex here:

Visit Spot Forex Trading here

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Vladimir's Forex Signals & Mentoring Review

Vladimir's Forex Signals & Mentoring

His name is Vladimir Ribakov and he is a proven master trader and a former hedge fund trader.

He provides multiple training programs and also a signal service so that you can earn while you learn.

I think it best if you just go and visit his website and see for yourself what the coup is rather than me waffling on.

Visit Vladimir's Forex Signals and Mentoring website by clicking here.

I would just like to put up a few videos testimonials from his students to show to you that this guy is the real deal.

This is spot forex trading and Not Binary Options.

Well, maybe worth your while to take 5 minutes and go and check it out?

He offers a 7 day free trial to check it all out, so I think that is a win- win situation.

Click here to visit Vlads website

Wednesday, 29 June 2016