Monday, 16 October 2017

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Trading Results for Stabilis Lucra
Trading Results for Stabilis Lucra

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

UK Summer Bank Holiday

28th August is a Bank Holiday in the UK and is mainly the last week of summer holidays for the Northern Hemisphere.

The following Monday is the 4th September and when we expect markets to be back in full swing with much more volume and trading opportunities.

We will still be trading and looking for opportunities, but will be expecting to be hitting it hard from the 4th September and get back in the black after a pretty lousy summer of trading.

I am trading just 1% of my account with No Martingales or anything like that.

If you need to adjust any of your copy trade settings, just send through your request via the contact form and it will be taken care of.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Summer Lazy Markets

July and August are summer holidays for the northern hemisphere, which includes our biggest markets, i.e. Europe, London and New York.

I know a few people call the markets "lazy", but really it is just low volatility and a lack of trading opportunities.

We can see in our copy trading results that we were crushing it right up to the 4th July long weekend and from there our results dropped off considerably.

With the lack of trading opportunities and the low volatility, we saw that many of our trades just failed to follow through and we lost many a trade right in the last seconds as the erratic markets changed direction.

I do see that July and August each year are pretty poor times to be trading binary options and next year I will pause trading over these 2 months completely.

I have noticed that many of the bigger copy trading firms have done this and on reflection, we should have done so too.

An example of one of the bigger copy trading companies halting trading is FoxSignals.

FoxSignals halt trading for summer

However, we did not stop trading and we will continue.

Our baseline accounts with the various money managements are down about 10% from their starting amounts, trading $100 per trade which is about 1% of the account balance.

I have my own account trading around 1% of it's balance and am also down around 10% this last month, which is a drawdown of 10% which is not too bad as far as drawdown goes in challenging markets.

I suggest that if you are trade copying that you also have your trade amounts right down to about 1% or pause your trading by deleting your API token in your account until the 4th September which is officially the end of summer holidays and when the volume and better trading opportunities generally come back into the market.

We are still monitoring the markets and taking our trades when we see an opportunity arise and will continue to do so.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

FaceBook Hack

Please be aware if you follow me on FaceBook, that some low life douchebag has hacked my account and I can not gain access to my account.

If you receive any messages that look like they are from me, please know that they are not and Do not respond to them or go to any links.

If you need to get hold of me, as always you can get me, via the contact form on the following page.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Explanation of 1-3-2 System

This is a positive betting progression as opposed to the Martingale, which is a negative betting progression.

What that means is that with a positive betting progression like the 1-3-2 System, we are increasing our trade size after a win and staying with a base trade of 1 unit after a loss.

This is the opposite to the Martingale negative betting progression, where we are increasing our trade size after a loss and staying with a base trade of 1 unit after a win.

How the 1-3-2 System works is the following:

Start with 1 unit and win.
Next trade we trade with 3 units and win.
Then next trade is 2 units.

Win this one and the progression is completed and we start again with 1 unit.

Anytime, we have a losing trade, we go back to 1 unit and stay with 1 unit per trade until we have a winner and then we move to 3  units and so on.

As an example, we will use $100 as our base unit per trade with an 80% payout and win all three trades.

First trade: $100 and win $80
Second trade: $300 and win $240 (3x80)
Third trade: $200 and win $160 (2x80)
Total winnings for completing a progression is 6 units = $480

Next example; win first trade but lose second.

First trade: $100 and win $80
Second trade: $300 and lose = $300
Go back to  1 unit trade.
Total for losing the second trade in a progression is +$80-$300= -$220

Next example; win first trade and win second trade, but lose third trade.

First trade: $100 and win $80
Second trade: $300 and win $240 (3x80)
Third trade: $200 and lose $200 
Go back to  1 unit trade.
Total for losing on the third trade is $80+$240-$200=+$120

As you can see, it is losing on that second trade is where you lose. 

If you win your first two trades, then you can not lose anything on the third trade, regardless of the result.

This is quite an aggressive trading approach, but the key is that it will protect you in a losing sequence compared to a Martingale which can kill you.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Weeks binary options trading results 9th June

Closing up for the week. Another good week. You can follow the link for all our trades. Still have a few of the super economical spots available. I am going to be doing a mass mailing on the weekend to over 3000 people on my newsletter, so if you want one of those spots and you been sitting on the fence, you had best make a move.