Thursday, 9 June 2016

Spot Forex Trading vs Binary Options

How to trade binary options profitably website is primarily about binary options, but we must discuss how to trade spot forex profitably as well.

As I described in the article Binary Options and what you need to know which you must read, trading binary options requires you to be trading with a winning percentage of 58% or better (assuming an 80% payout) to be making decent profit and you need to keep at that winning percentage forever.

That works out at around winning 6 out of every 10 trades forever and unless you are also using the trade copying service that I recommend in that article to help you sustain that winning percentage whilst getting in enough trades over the course of a month, then you are going to battle.

Now with trading spot forex and using a Reward to Risk Ratio (RR) of 2:1 as an example you are now turning the maths more in your favor as you will only need to be winning around 40% of your trades to come out ahead, even after costs.

As a quick and very basic example, let us say that in a trade of spot fx that you  have a stop loss (SL) that can lose you $100 and a Take Profit (TP) that will make you $200. So, the reward is twice the risk, i.e. 2:1

If you lose 6 trades at $100 per trade, then you have lost $600 and yet if you win 4 trades at $200 you have won $800, so you come out ahead even after costs.

If we compare that with binary options and an 80% payout:

If you lose 6 trades at $100 per trade, then you have lost $600 and if you win 4 trades paying out 80% of your $100 = $80 x 4 = $320

So you lost $600 and only won $320 which means that you lost $280 compared to actually winning around $200 with the spot forex trade. Do you follow?

Increase your reward to risk ratio to 3:1 or more and the winning percentage is lower to come out ahead, but of course you need to have the stomach and trading capital to handle the drawdown involved with that, but the maths behind it is solid and if you can achieve that, you will be successful.

Now of course it is not as easy as it looks either and if you do a search on YouTube or Google, it seems that every man and his dog has a winning strategy that they are happy to share with you for X amount of dollars.

Now I am sure that you have probably heard the statistic bandied about that 95% of traders blow up their accounts and that there is a small 5% of traders worldwide that actually make money?

Well if that is true and I believe that it probably is, then how come so many experts selling their how to win courses?

Well in my opinion, it is probably that they had some success when the markets were favorable to their strategy, but markets change continuously and it turns out that their strategy only works in certain market conditions and in the end they ended up with the 95% of losers and the only way to make money now is to sell their program to the masses via the internet.

Don't call me cynical, because that unfortunately is the reality.

So the big question is, how do you get to learn to trade spot forex successfully and who can you trust to teach you?

Well, out of the thousands and possibly tens of thousands of vendors selling systems you want to make sure that they are actually trading the markets themselves and that they have some years of proven experience and also the facts and figures to back it up and very importantly, client testimonials to confirm it all.

If they can provide all of that, then you possibly have someone genuine and that is the person that you want to follow and learn from.

With those qualities I would like to recommend and  introduce you to:

Vladimir's Forex Signals & Mentoring

His name is Vladimir Ribakov and he is a proven master trader and a former hedge fund trader.

He provides multiple training programs and also a signal service so that you can earn while you learn.

I think it best if you just go and visit his website and see for yourself what the coup is rather than me waffling on.

Visit Vladimir's Forex Signals and Mentoring website by clicking here.

I would just like to put up a few videos testimonials from his students to show to you that this guy is the real deal.

Well, maybe worth your while to take 5 minutes and go and check it out?

He offers a 7 day free trial to check it all out, so I think that is a win- win situation.

Click here to visit Vlads website

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Binary Options Secrets to Success

Binary Options Secrets to Success might sound  a bit cryptic and secretive and something that only a few in some inner circle have access to, or some secret binary options strategy, but in fact it is just the simple breakdown of the mathematics involved in trading binary options that most people overlook and that I would like to bring to your attention and make clear for you, so that you can be successful and profitable in your binary options trading.

Once you have a solid  understanding of the maths involved and then follow on through with implementing the maths and strategy that I will lay out for you, then trading binary options profitably is within anybody's reach. Seriously.

So, the Secret to Binary Options Success is..................the following formula:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }


Profit  is exactly as it says, the profit you make. We will take it as profit after 1 month of trading.

Trades is the number of trades taken for that month.

$ Amount  is the amount in dollars/Euros or GBPs invested per trade. We will use $20 per trade in our example.

Success is how many trades we won as a percentage of all trades taken.

Payback is the amount the broker paid back for a winning trade as a percentage. We will use 80% as that is the minimum payback on StockPair.


Let us say that you are an average Joe, trading binary options  and you have deposited $400 into your trading account and are going to be taking $20 trades and you average 10 trades a day.

So, 20 trading days a month x 10 trades a day = 200 trades a month.

So, in a month there were 200 trades taken, with a winning success rate or In The Money (ITM) of 60%.

The broker payback is 80% and you have used $20 trades.

Therefore, going back to our formula:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(60% x 80%) - (100% - 60%)}
Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(0,60 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,60)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 4000 x { ( 0.48) - (0.4) }
Profit  = 4000 x 0.08

Profit  = $ 320

So after one month of trading 10 trades a day and assuming that you got a success rate of 60% ITM with a broker paying out 80%, you will have made $320 profit on your $400 investment.

Now that is actually a spectacular return. Your Return On Investment (ROI) is 80%

So, what is the problem?

Well, the calculation assumes that you are getting 60% In The Money (ITM) over 200 trades.

Now, there is a fine line between success and failure with regards to your ITM percentage.

With a broker like StockPair that pays out a minimum of 80% on a trade, you will need a constant and continual ITM winning percentage of a minimum of 56% ITM winning trades to just not be losing and making a slight profit and 58% and better to start making good money.

Let us take a look at our calculation again, but this time with 56% ITM and 55% ITM.

With 56% and the same amounts as our first calculation.

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(56% x 80%) - (100% - 56%)}
Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(0,56 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,56)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 4000 x { ( 0.448) - (0.44) }
Profit  = 4000 x 0.008

Profit  = $ 32

Now with 55% and the same amounts as our first calculation.

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(55% x 80%) - (100% - 55%)}
Profit  = 200 x $20 x {(0,55 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,55)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 4000 x { ( 0.44) - (0.45) }
Profit  = 4000 x -0.01

Profit  = - $40 yes, that is minus $40

So, as you can see with a 56% ITM and 200 trades at $20 per trade, you made a grand total of $32.

With a 55% ITM and 200 trades at $20 per trade, you actually lost $40.

Now, I know for a fact that most traders who contact me are in the 45- 55% ITM range on average. Yes, many have some weeks when they are killing it and doing really high ITM results but over the long haul most end up with the 45-55% ITM average and that is how they end up blowing out their accounts. 

Even if they are getting good ITM results, usually  they are not getting in enough trades over the course of the month to make it really worthwhile.

The very good traders are doing around 58-61% ITM and over 200 trades a month.  Really, those are the numbers.

So, how do you come out ahead?

Well you need to have a consistent ITM of about 58% or better and throw as many trades at it as you can.

Think like how the big casinos make their money. They in general only have an advantage of 1- 2% over table games but make millions and  even billions per year. 

They do it by playing thousands and thousands of hands 24/7 and over the long haul the statistics play out.

This is what we want to be doing as much as possible and within reason of course.

Let us say that you had 58% ITM and 1000 (one thousand trades) for the month and still $20 per trade:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 1000 x $20 x {(58% x 80%) - (100% - 58%)}
Profit  = 100 x $20 x {(0,58 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,58)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 20 000 x { ( 0.464) - (0.42) }
Profit  = 20 000 x 0.044

Profit  = $ 880

Well, ok that is looking better.

How about we start doing $25 trades?

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 1000 x $25 x {(58% x 80%) - (100% - 58%)}
Profit  = 100 x $25 x {(0,58 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,58)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 25 000 x { ( 0.464) - (0.42) }
Profit  = 25 000 x 0.044

Profit  = $ 1 100

Just a $5 increase in stakes and our profit went up by $220 for the month.

So that is all great, but I certainly don't have the time nor the skill for 58% ITM and 1000 trades a month, so how do we do it you may ask?

Well, the secret to success is copying other successful traders.

Introducing Trade4me

The best binary options trade copying platform on the market.

I will explain further on below how to get it all set up. Please continue reading.

You can click on all images to make them larger.

This is how it looks:

Now, once you have registered an account via the quick sign up form you will be able to take a look at the leaderboard and see who the top providers are: ( steps explained below how to get set up)

This is how it looks on 18th May 2016

I suggest copying providers who have a minimum of 200 trades and a minimum of 58% ITM over the history of their account and then use our formula  on their last month's trade results minus the cost to follow them and see if the outcome justifies the investment of copying them:

We will take a look at the top two providers in this example.

First, let us look at the stats of the provider aptly named Signal.

Over the last month he has made 1059 trades with a winning ITM of 60 % and it costs $100 per month to copy his trades up to a maximum trade amount of $25 per trade.

You can see in the image below what he charges to copy his trades for larger amounts:

So, back to our formula:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 1059 x $25 x {(60% x 80%) - (100% - 60%)}
Profit  = 1059 x $25 x {(0,60 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,60)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 26 475 x { ( 0.48) - (0.40) }
Profit  = 26 475 x 0.08

Profit  = $ 2118

So, $2118 profit for the month with $25 trades and subtract $100 that you would have to pay him to automatically copy his trades and you have a profit of $2008


All that just for getting your account set up and funded and not even having to look at a chart or make a trade.

Let us have a look at the number two provider on there, named Got|24

Over the last month he has made 499 trades with a winning ITM also of 60 % and it costs $142 per month to copy his trades up to a maximum trade amount of $25 per trade.

You can see in the image below what he charges to copy his trades for larger amounts:

So, back to our formula:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 499 x $25 x {(60% x 80%) - (100% - 60%)}
Profit  = 499 x $25 x {(0,60 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,60)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 12 475 x { ( 0.48) - (0.40) }
Profit  = 12 475 x 0.08

Profit  = $ 998

So, $998 profit for the month with $25 trades and subtract $142 that you would have to pay him to automatically copy his trades and you have a nice profit of $856

So if you copied both of those guys it would have cost you $242 for the month and you would have come out with a profit of $2 864 

Not too shabby.

If you could average $2500 a month in profit, that is an extra $30K per anum.

Now you must take your binary options seriously if you want to actually make money and so I ask you, where can you get a business set up that makes $ 2864 a month and your running costs are just $242?

So  the secret to binary options success is to get a consistent ITM winning percentage of 58% or better and throw as many trades at it as possible.

Let us just take a quick look at the top copier on there at the moment.. His name is Earth Angel

I see that he is copying 11 providers and for the last month he has an ITM of 59% and 2728 trades at $25 per trade.

So, back to our formula:

Profit = Trades x $ Amount  x { ( Success x Payback) - (1 - Success ) }

Profit  = 2728 x $25 x {(59% x 80%) - (100% - 59%)}
Profit  = 2728 x $25 x {(0,59 x 0,80) - (1,00 - 0,59)}   work it out in decimals
Profit  = 68 200 x { ( 0.472) - (0.41) }
Profit  = 68 200 x 0.062

Profit  = $ 4 228

So, profit of $4 228 less the cost of what it costs to copy 11 providers:

I see that it says he is copying 11 providers, but when I look at the actual providers he is following it is only 9, so he must have stopped copying 2 of them. You can do that if some of your providers are hitting a slump or something and then start copying them again when their numbers pick up again.

The total for those 9 providers comes in at $607 for the month,

So total profit is $4 228 - $607 = $3621 for the month.

Not bad.

With those kind of numbers, you could be looking at an extra +$40K per anum.

Remember that even if you are a trade copier, you can still carry on trading your own account at the same time.

Now before I go through the steps with you on getting set up, we must discuss some basic bankroll fundamentals as this is also part of the secret to success.

The maximum amount per trade should ideally be around 2 - 2.5% of your bankroll. That is the ideal amount to keep going through the  inevitable losing phases.

Remember, there is going to be losing trades and that is a given and of course by Sods Law and just like buses, they all seem to come at the same time.

Now of course nobody ever listens to me, and they always want to trade a bigger percentage, so then we may agree that 5% of your bankroll is the absolute maximum amount per trade. Agreed?

So if you want to be making $25 trades then you should have a bankroll of at least $500 right?

So going back to our example above of copying those two providers and trading $25 per trade, you should then have a bankroll of $1000. Do you follow me?

That is that you are setting aside $500 per trader, trading 5% of your bank balance per trade.

Honestly being underfunded and trading too high an amount of your bank balance is one of the biggest destroyers of accounts.

Fund your account correctly. Seriously.

Remember 2- 2.5% is actually the correct amount of your bank balance per trade and 5% is actually stretching that a bit.

So, taking our binary options trading seriously and as a business you will need a basic bank balance of $1000 to trade $25 per trade by two traders and $242 to start copying those two providers we discussed and you have a business.

So now that we know the secrets to binary options success, let us get set up:

Below are the steps that you will need to follow to set up your binary options copy trading service:

Before we start, this service only works with StockPair binary options broker, so you will need an account with them first. 

Unfortunately, they Do Not accept US  traders, so this trade copying service is unavailable to you at the moment.

No need to fund your account immediately, but just get it set up (it is free), so that you can then follow the steps for getting it set up for the binary options trade copying service on .

Firstly, please clear your browser of all junk cookies, etc by holding down at the same time:


That will bring up the option to clear cookies and other site and plugin data. Select that and clear from the beginning of time. Do that Now. Seriously, you need to do that first.


Ok, great.

You can go to StockPair and register a free account by clicking here or on any of the StockPair links below, but I suggest that you read on a bit before doing that, so that you don't get tripped up by any landmines.

That will bring up the following page:

Now fill in the quick start form and then click on "Create Account"

Be sure to remember your login details and password as we need those in a few steps time.

That will bring up the following page:

Now, be sure to read the small print on this page:

What it is offering you if you decide to click on that blue "FUND YOUR ACCOUNT" is that they are offering you a 50% bonus and the minimum deposit now drops from the normal $300 to $250 or GBP or Euro.

By accepting the trading bonus you will have to trade a certain amount of volume before you can make a withdrawal and in this case, it is 40 times the bonus.

Example: I will use $ for our demo.

Say you deposit the minimum of $250  then they will give you 50% of that which is $125

You will need to trade 40x that amount before you can make a withdrawal, so $125 x 40 = $5000.

Let us say that you are taking $20 trades. That means that you would need to make 250 trades to reach that volume before you can make a withdrawal.

Now normally I never recommend taking the bonus, but as we are trade copying here, you will be hitting 250 trades pretty quickly and in fact we actually want more than 250 trades for the month to start making some seriously good money as discussed earlier, so it is worth considering.

Do the maths for your own deposit amount.

As I said earlier, you want to look at  your binary options as a business and treat it as such, so you do not want to be underfunded at all, so a bonus in this case could actually turn out to be.............well,  an actual bonus !

However, if you do not want a bonus, then do not click that blue "FUND YOUR ACCOUNT"
button, but rather click on the top right,  where it says "Deposit Funds"

Which ever one you choose will bring you to the following page:

This is the page where you get to choose a deposit method. 

As I said before, no need to make a deposit now, as I am just showing you how to get everything set up first so that you can get familiar with everything and have it ready for when you do want to make a deposit and start copying the top binary options traders around and start really making some money from binary options trading.

We do need that StockPair account so that we can link it in the steps following.

As a side note, when you do want to make a deposit I can highly recommend Neteller and getting their pre-paid MasterCard. 

That is what I use and the funding and withdrawal process is super fast and easy.

Done that? Ok great. Now we going to set up our trade4me.

Right, now go to by clicking on the link here.

That will bring up the following page:

Fill in the quick sign up form and check/tick the box to accept the terms and conditions and click register now.

That will bring up the following page:

Select the follower/copier option by ticking/checking the small radio button.

Please note that you can only be one or the other.

If you are a provider then you can not copy signals. If you are a copier, then you can not provide signals.

The only way to have both is by having two StockPair accounts and two accounts with different email addresses.

We want to be a copier as this is the way to trading binary options profitably as we discussed above.

Once you have done that click on Next Step:

That will bring up the following page:

Straight forward enough. Just fill in your particulars. 

You can use your proper info here including phone number as nobody is going to be calling you like some brokers that we know.

Remember that is not a broker but a copy trading platform.

Once you have filled that in, click Next Step:

That will bring up the following page:

So, you should already have your StockPair account details from the step above.

Simply fill in your StockPair email address and password that you used to sign up for your StockPair account and then click on  "Link this StockPair account to my account"

Very important:

Now if you did not already sign up for your StockPair account as I suggested that you do in step one, then Do Not Use that option to "Create a StockPair account now"

The reason why was explained in the email that you received from me with the Advanced Indicators when you signed up for my newsletter.

Haven't signed up for my newsletter and received your free indicators yet? You can go signup now. It is on the right there.

Done that? Ok, let us continue.

Right, now once you click on " Link this StockPair account to my account " you should see the following page with your username and details.

Now, take a moment to upload your own image otherwise they will assign some poxy image on your behalf in a few days time.

Once you have done that, then click on where it says "My Broker".

You should see your StockPair account linked like in the image below.

If not, then you have made a mistake somewhere. Please go back and follow along step by step from the beginning.

If, you do see your StockPair account as showing linked, then success and congratulations. 

You have completed the first step in becoming a profitable binary options trader.

Now click on where it says Leaderboard and get familiar with who the Top Providers are and who the Top Copiers are and see exactly what they are doing.

When you are ready to actually get started, and why delay, now that you know the secrets to binary options success, get your StockPair account funded correctly and start copying.

In the example I gave above about copying the top two providers and it costing $242 per month and funding your account with $1000 you can of course just start by copying one provider like that provider Signal at a cost of $100 per month and so then you can just fund your account with $500 and you are in business.(The Leaderboard might have changed by the time you are reading this.)

I do however suggest having two or more providers just to cover in case one of them goes through a bad patch. That way you can keep your average ITM percentage constant.

Then once you have banked some profits and your bank balance has doubled, then start copying another provider or increase your trading amounts.

Remember that you can still trade your own StockPair account while still copying the top providers. 

So, there you have it, a blue print to binary options trading success.

My final thought on trade4me and the whole trade copying is that it has been a long time in coming to the binary options sphere and very welcome indeed in my opinion.

However I do think that when a site like trade4me which is still relatively new (only out of Beta testing in the last couple of months) starts to get really well known and starts getting lots and lots of traders using it, the brokers might not think that it is such a good idea, as it could really hurt them financially and they might put the brakes on it.

So, my suggestion to you is to not delay and get on board as soon as you can and make hay while the sun shines. Who knows how long it will last?

Good luck.

Questions below please.

Visit StockPair by clicking here.

Visit trade4me by clicking here.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Binary Options Exchange

Did you ever think about starting your own binary options business? Well I have done some research into that with the SpotOption company which is one of the main players in the industry and this is basically how it works:

The initial set up fee is $20 000 for the platform and website and then a monthly running cost of $3000 for them to keep your site up and running. Then you need to form a company and employ staff and of course have a fat budget to get it up and going, so not for the faint hearted or for anybody with a limited budget, even though you know that these brokers are making money hand over fist.

Well now you can become a seller of binary options without going through that whole set up.

Introducing TradEqual binary options platform. 

The first peer-to-peer binary options platform in the world, where you get to write or sell binary options, as well as the normal buying of binary options.

Now you can become a binary options broker as well as a trader!

You can even earn pay-outs that exceed 100% return on your investment by writing options that earn 125% or even more.

When you write a binary option, you determine the level of risk and profit. You choose the financial asset, the expiration, the pay-out for the buyer, the amount you wish to risk, and submit it to the exchange. 

Your options are advertised to other traders so you will want to make them as attractive as possible. Because you set the terms of the options you create, the potential for profits is unlimited. 

I have been looking through this platform and the thing that struck me immediately is the opportunity to set yourself up in an arbitrage position. You could be writing a sell option on TradEqual and laying it off as buy option on another platform and pocket the difference.

TradEqual is truly the most open and transparent binary options trading platform that I can recommend.

Visit the TradEqual site here.

Here  is a video explaining how to buy an Option on TradEqual:

Here is a video explaining how to write or sell an option on TradEqual


The people over at TradEqual contacted me about 7 or 8 months ago now and informed me that they were creating a new peer-to-peer binary options platform and would I give them a mention when it was ready to launch.

I was quite intrigued with the concept and said sure after they explained their concept and reasoning's to me.

Based on their observations, they decided that most binary options brokers often have too much power over traders and an agenda to make sure that traders cannot  make too much profit and bankrupt them. 

As opposed to trading against the broker, they decided to create an open market exchange where traders interact with each other rather and buy and sell each others trades. To make it more transparent, they introduced a live chat room where traders could chat with each other and discuss trends and ideas for trades.

However, the most innovative aspect of TradEqual is the ability of traders to write their own binary options and list them on the trading page. You can choose the amount that you wish to risk when offering a new option, and you cannot lose more than the amount you invest. 

This means that you do not need to put down large amounts in order to trade options on TradEqual – as is often required of brokers in other marketplaces – but just enough to cover your exposure. The minimum that you can offer to sell an option for is $30


TradEqual is basically an open exchange. You set the direction of the option – high or low – and nominate the payout and the risk capital, before uploading the new option to the platform. It appears on the trading board, and may be listed in Order Book, until it is fully purchased, and it is worth knowing that you can buy a portion of an option if you do not want to accept the full risk.

The Order Book lists the best three options that feature the largest payouts. Due to the competitive nature of other traders, and the unlimited payouts feature on TradEqual, you can expect to see much higher payouts being offered by traders on this platform as they compete to offer the most competitive options.  They will compete to have their option listed on top of the list by offering the highest payouts. Traders can also hype their options in discussions in the chat room.


Their platform is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, so your information is protected, and they also comply with the know-your-client requirements for trader credentials. Client money is held in segregated accounts and you can contact their customer service team at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

With one trading account, TradEqual allows you to simultaneously write and buy binary options from traders in the network, without any limits. You control your options at all times, and you can choose to cancel them at any point before their expiry and before other traders buy  them.


The TradEqual platform allows traders to buy and sell options from four different markets – forex, commodities, indices and stocks. As I mentioned above, there really is a good opportunity here fer getting yourself into an arbitrage position. Write or sell an option on TradEqual and buy it on another platform. I will leave it to you to figure this out, but I am sure that I will be writing more on this in the future. 

There are no limits on the payouts that you can specify when you write a binary option, and there is no broker to take a cut of your payout.  The commission charged by TradEqual is 2% of the turnover of the trade, deducted from the account of the trader who correctly predicts the outcome and receives a payout.  This may be the writer of the option or its buyer. This means that traders who make no profit pay no commission – another revolutionary aspect of this platform.

When trading with TradEqual it is possible to earn over 80% return on the capital invested in a single trade. For example, if you successfully write and sell a binary option and the buyer receives an 80% ROI you earn 125% for creating the option. This potential ROI figure is significantly higher than most other platforms where you can only buy options created by the broker, making the profit potential on the TradEqual exchange truly limitless!


As we mentioned, having a chat room on the same platform where traders can buy from and sell options to one another adds an exciting social aspect to online trading. This is just one of the ways that the TradEqual exchange tries to replicate the potential interactions of a real-time exchange, by allowing traders to talk to one another directly without intermediaries or moderation. This creates an open and fair marketplace for social trading, where market commentators can become market makers, and individuals can test their theories and see the instant reactions of other traders to their suggestions.


As with any new platform, it remains to be seen how traders will react to the new facility to write and sell binary options. There may be quiet times when there are fewer options on the trading floor, and busy times when market movements drive many traders to compete to offer the 3 most competitive options listed in the online Order Book.

Creating a new marketplace is an ambitious goal, and it may take time for some traders to get the hang of the selling game. This may give an initial advantage to those more experienced traders who understand the markets and can concentrate on learning how to succeed and make profits by selling binary options.

I do not see the TradEqual platform as the best starting point for beginners, but as a secondary arena for advanced traders who know how to buy binary options. This platform allows them to broaden their portfolios by creating and writing new options, particularly to hedge their risks in other markets.

As TradEqual has only recently launched, I would suggest that you get started right now with this platform from the onset, as once word gets out about it, you can be assured that it is going to hugely popular and you will be a step ahead of the game.

TradEqual Binary Options Exchange