Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Using binary bots and selecting which currencies to trade.

Ok, so I am getting a ton of questions on how to select which currencies to trade using the binary options bots and at which times of the day. Also some saying that the currency settings that I gave in the examples do not work for them.

Ok, so a setting that I had last week for a currency pair is not going to be the same forever and a day. 

You have to take a look at the market each and every day and see what is ranging for the day, or in a trend, strong trend, etc and of course watch out for high impact news events, which can possibly derail your analysis completely.

You need to do this on a daily basis at least and better yet during the course of the trading day. I will often change my currency pairs during the day. Just stop my bots , change currency pairs and start again. Why not? I want the best possible trading conditions.

Just because it is a bot does not mean that it is going to overcome bad trading conditions. 

You need to take a look at your charts and see what is doing what.

Here is a really helpful indicator for you called a Heat Map and will make this a quick and easy job for you. If you do not have this indicator, then you can download it in the FaceBook Group of ours.

This is just a quick explanation to help you use it quickly and I will try and make a more detailed explanation when I have more time.

This is how it looks on my US Dollar Index chart: (click to enlarge)
I only put it on my US$ index chart and only one chart as it is very CPU intensive. Also you do not need it on more than one chart. If you put it on multiple charts, your MT4 is going to freeze up.

US dollar index chart with Heat Map
US dollar index with Heat Map on 15 min

That is it in the below chart window.

What it is showing is the 8 main currencies and which is strong and strongest and which is weak and weakest.

Obviously the high green with the highest percent is the strongest for the day and the red with the highest red percent for the day so far is the weakest currency.

I usually take a screenshot of it every 30 minutes to an hour as it is continuously changing and you can get a much better feel for where the money is going as you look over your screenshots of the last couple of hours.

So with this information, we want to be trading the strongest currency against the weakest.

So a quick look at out Heat Map shows us that the JPY is the strongest currency of the day and the GBP is the weakest for the day so far.

If you were watching this earlier in the day, you would have picked it up much earlier.

So let us go to our GBPJPY chart with our basic %HTTBOP_Pullback template and add on the RSI indicator to give us an idea on how we want to set up our RSI bot.

GBPJPY 5 min chart with HTTBOP Pullback template and RSI
GBPJPY 5 min chart with HTTBOP Pullback template and RSI
You would have the download link for all those indicators and templates given to you when you joined my newsletter.

Remember that most of the volume is going to be from the London open to the London close and certainly around the London open and the New York open.

However looking at our charts before the London open we could see with the HTTBOP_HAshi indicator that GBPJPY was in a downtrend, then we would look for confirmation on our Heat Map and then possibly set up our RSI bot like in the example below:

GBPJPY RSI binary bot settings 5 min chart
GBPJPY RSI binary bot settings 5 min chart

So on a 5 minute chart on our RSI binary bot and we have settings for a Put trade of 15 minutes when the RSI hits the 30 level and a Call trade when the RSI hits a level of 1 oversold.

If you wanted to be trading some ranging markets for example then you would look for currency pairs showing much the same for the day on the Heat Map and then maybe set up on your RSI an 80 level Sell and a 20 level Buy trade.

As I am writing this we just had US crude oil inventories which is a High Impact US news event that can move markets and which it has done.

So rather wait at least 30 minutes either side of a high impact news event before taking another look at what the currency strengths are.

Also remember that after New York closes the volatility and volume generally will drop right off until the Asian session at least so currencies will tend to range during this period, so set your bot accordingly.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on selecting which currencies to trade with your binary bots.

For your Ichimoku bot and Payout Vs Stake bot just overlay the settings on your chart for trending currencies and ranging currencies just like we did for the RSI indicator and you will get an idea on how to set your settings.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

RSI binary options bot with 1.6 MM

RSI binary options bot settings
RSI binary options bot settings EURUSD

With regards to the last post about trading the Ichimoku with a Martingale Multiplier of 1.6 and a trade amount of $10, here are the results using the RSI binary options bot with the similar settings.

This time I traded the EURUSD on the 5 minute chart with a 15 minute expiry time and 60 second gap between trades.

This time we got to our Take Profit of $50 after 14 trades.

Ichimoku binary bot without full Martingale

Doing some more demo trading with our Ichimoku binary bot and trying to get it to a setting where you could set it and forget it, we came up with some settings that look promising.

The idea this time was to cut down the number of trades required to get  to our Take Profit.

Traded the set up on the  Volatility 50 Index and this time we increased our trade amount to $10 and our Martingale Multiplier to 1.6.

This time we also only traded the Kumo Break Simple and the Kumo Break Advanced.

The trade duration was also increased to 15 minutes and Max # Consecutive Wins to just 1.

The Martingale Multiplier needs be set at a minimum of 2 to be called a Martingale Progression,  and as this set up was not, it is not really a Martingale progression, but simply a strategy of just increasing our stake slightly after a loss.

Here are our settings and results.

Ichimoku binary options bot showing new settings
Ichimoku binary options bot showing new settings

Only took 7 trades to hit our Take Profit.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ichimoku binary options bot trading currency pairs vs Volatility Indexes

Some results trading the Ichimoku binary options bot on currency pairs versus the results I have been having trading the Volatility indexes.

The Volatility Indexes have a better payout percentage and can be traded 24/7 but are not available in some locations like Australia. There are some others, but I forget for now which ones they are.

In my previous posts on the Ichimoku  whether or not it is a bot that we can set and forget and just let it do its thing, we have each time managed to hit our Take Profit (TP) of $50 and reach a maximum Martingale Level (ML) of 5 levels.This being with the Volatility Indexes.
You can see those settings here.

Here are the results for Monday on the GBPAUD and EURAUD

GBPAUD Ichimoku binary options bot
GBPAUD Ichimoku binary options bot

So trading GBPAUD with $1 and 7 Martingale levels and a Martingale Multiplier of 2.2 and with a Stop Loss of $210 and Take Profit of $50

The $50 Take Profit was hit after 17 hours and 38 minutes and after 175 trades.

The max Martingale level of 7 was actually hit 3 times, but on each occasion won.

Ichimoku binary options bot
EURAUD Ichimoku binary options bot

With the same settings as the GBPAUD above,the bot hit it's $50 Take profit after 20 hours and 10 minutes and 167 trades.

The max Martingale level of 7 was actually hit twice, but on each occasion won.

Trading the Volatility Indexes the max Martingale level hit was 5 and with much less trades done, around 82 on the one and it was about the same on the others. ( I forgot to write it down but it was around there)

This would be down to the payouts being much higher and stable on the Volatility Indexes, resulting in the bot having to take fewer trades and way more volatile on the currency payouts, and generally lower at around 82% compared to about a constant 92+% for the indexes when trading $1.

In summary, it means that I have hit my Take Profit every time so far and am yet to get Stopped out with the Ichimoku bot.

That may be me being very lucky as I know of two people getting Stopped out on their first attempt.

It means that for those of you who dont have Volatility Indexes to trade, then you can still trade currency pairs with the Ichimoku binary options bot and pretty much leave it running.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ichimoku Binary options bot trading ideas March 2017

I have been having really good results with the following settings on my Ichimoku binary options trading robot and it works good on currency pairs as well.

Ichimoku binary options robot settings
Click to enlarge Ichimoku binary bot settings

It is very slow, but consistent.

Below is all the trades it took to get to a $50 profit and the most Martingale levels it hit was level 5.

It hit 5 levels twice.

The 5th level Martingale with a $1 stake and Martingale Multiplier of 2.2 is $23,43 so maybe my Stop Loss (SL) of $550 is over  the top.
Might be worth testing on a much lower SL like $200 and 7 levels with a TP of $50 or something like that.

Of course you could go for a smaller trade amount to start with as well.

It has been performing very consistently now with those settings and even on currencies.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Binary Bots Special Promotion

The Binary Bots Special Promotion price of all 3 bots for $96 for a one year license is nearing it's end as I only have 9 of those offers left now.

When the last one has gone, the promotion is over.

You will still be able to get the binary bots, but you will have to pay the normal price of $60 per yearly license per bot. Still a great price and you will no doubt make that back in your first few hours.

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