Sunday, 28 February 2016

Binary Options Exchange

Did you ever think about starting your own binary options business? Well I have done some research into that with the SpotOption company which is one of the main players in the industry and this is basically how it works:

The initial set up fee is $20 000 for the platform and website and then a monthly running cost of $3000 for them to keep your site up and running. Then you need to form a company and employ staff and of course have a fat budget to get it up and going, so not for the faint hearted or for anybody with a limited budget, even though you know that these brokers are making money hand over fist.

Well now you can become a seller of binary options without going through that whole set up.

Introducing TradEqual binary options platform. 

The first peer-to-peer binary options platform in the world, where you get to write or sell binary options, as well as the normal buying of binary options.

Now you can become a binary options broker as well as a trader!

You can even earn pay-outs that exceed 100% return on your investment by writing options that earn 125% or even more.

When you write a binary option, you determine the level of risk and profit. You choose the financial asset, the expiration, the pay-out for the buyer, the amount you wish to risk, and submit it to the exchange. 

Your options are advertised to other traders so you will want to make them as attractive as possible. Because you set the terms of the options you create, the potential for profits is unlimited. 

I have been looking through this platform and the thing that struck me immediately is the opportunity to set yourself up in an arbitrage position. You could be writing a sell option on TradEqual and laying it off as buy option on another platform and pocket the difference.

TradEqual is truly the most open and transparent binary options trading platform that I can recommend.

Visit the TradEqual site here.

Here  is a video explaining how to buy an Option on TradEqual:

Here is a video explaining how to write or sell an option on TradEqual


The people over at TradEqual contacted me about 7 or 8 months ago now and informed me that they were creating a new peer-to-peer binary options platform and would I give them a mention when it was ready to launch.

I was quite intrigued with the concept and said sure after they explained their concept and reasoning's to me.

Based on their observations, they decided that most binary options brokers often have too much power over traders and an agenda to make sure that traders cannot  make too much profit and bankrupt them. 

As opposed to trading against the broker, they decided to create an open market exchange where traders interact with each other rather and buy and sell each others trades. To make it more transparent, they introduced a live chat room where traders could chat with each other and discuss trends and ideas for trades.

However, the most innovative aspect of TradEqual is the ability of traders to write their own binary options and list them on the trading page. You can choose the amount that you wish to risk when offering a new option, and you cannot lose more than the amount you invest. 

This means that you do not need to put down large amounts in order to trade options on TradEqual – as is often required of brokers in other marketplaces – but just enough to cover your exposure. The minimum that you can offer to sell an option for is $30


TradEqual is basically an open exchange. You set the direction of the option – high or low – and nominate the payout and the risk capital, before uploading the new option to the platform. It appears on the trading board, and may be listed in Order Book, until it is fully purchased, and it is worth knowing that you can buy a portion of an option if you do not want to accept the full risk.

The Order Book lists the best three options that feature the largest payouts. Due to the competitive nature of other traders, and the unlimited payouts feature on TradEqual, you can expect to see much higher payouts being offered by traders on this platform as they compete to offer the most competitive options.  They will compete to have their option listed on top of the list by offering the highest payouts. Traders can also hype their options in discussions in the chat room.


Their platform is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, so your information is protected, and they also comply with the know-your-client requirements for trader credentials. Client money is held in segregated accounts and you can contact their customer service team at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

With one trading account, TradEqual allows you to simultaneously write and buy binary options from traders in the network, without any limits. You control your options at all times, and you can choose to cancel them at any point before their expiry and before other traders buy  them.


The TradEqual platform allows traders to buy and sell options from four different markets – forex, commodities, indices and stocks. As I mentioned above, there really is a good opportunity here fer getting yourself into an arbitrage position. Write or sell an option on TradEqual and buy it on another platform. I will leave it to you to figure this out, but I am sure that I will be writing more on this in the future. 

There are no limits on the payouts that you can specify when you write a binary option, and there is no broker to take a cut of your payout.  The commission charged by TradEqual is 2% of the turnover of the trade, deducted from the account of the trader who correctly predicts the outcome and receives a payout.  This may be the writer of the option or its buyer. This means that traders who make no profit pay no commission – another revolutionary aspect of this platform.

When trading with TradEqual it is possible to earn over 80% return on the capital invested in a single trade. For example, if you successfully write and sell a binary option and the buyer receives an 80% ROI you earn 125% for creating the option. This potential ROI figure is significantly higher than most other platforms where you can only buy options created by the broker, making the profit potential on the TradEqual exchange truly limitless!


As we mentioned, having a chat room on the same platform where traders can buy from and sell options to one another adds an exciting social aspect to online trading. This is just one of the ways that the TradEqual exchange tries to replicate the potential interactions of a real-time exchange, by allowing traders to talk to one another directly without intermediaries or moderation. This creates an open and fair marketplace for social trading, where market commentators can become market makers, and individuals can test their theories and see the instant reactions of other traders to their suggestions.


As with any new platform, it remains to be seen how traders will react to the new facility to write and sell binary options. There may be quiet times when there are fewer options on the trading floor, and busy times when market movements drive many traders to compete to offer the 3 most competitive options listed in the online Order Book.

Creating a new marketplace is an ambitious goal, and it may take time for some traders to get the hang of the selling game. This may give an initial advantage to those more experienced traders who understand the markets and can concentrate on learning how to succeed and make profits by selling binary options.

I do not see the TradEqual platform as the best starting point for beginners, but as a secondary arena for advanced traders who know how to buy binary options. This platform allows them to broaden their portfolios by creating and writing new options, particularly to hedge their risks in other markets.

As TradEqual has only recently launched, I would suggest that you get started right now with this platform from the onset, as once word gets out about it, you can be assured that it is going to hugely popular and you will be a step ahead of the game.

TradEqual Binary Options Exchange

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Auto Binary Signals Review

If you are a follower of my website you will know that I have practically never recommended that you use binary options signals or binary options automated software as I have looked at so many of them over the years and I find them a complete waste of time and money and you are better off learning to trade binary options yourself and that is why I give you free indicators to help you in that endeavor.

However, some binary options signals software and binary options auto-trading software has been brought to my attention over the last few months and after taking a good look at it, I must say that it is quite impressive.

I am referring to Auto Binary Signals

I think that these guys might actually be onto something quite good here.

You can visit the website by clicking here.

Firstly I just want to say; don't be put off by the cheezy video and self promotion. I really feel that the developers of software seem to choose the same writers and cheezy voice over actors to promote it as each other. I don't know why they don't just be real and down to earth and do the video themselves, but anyhow I digress.

The fact is that once you actually get into the nuts and bolts of the signals and the software, it is actually pretty good.

There are a few different parts that you can signup to, but the basic program is the binary options signals software that you login to and it will give you the signals to trade. 

You will still have to put the trade on yourself, but you can use any broker that you wish to, or with whom you have an account.

They give signals with expiry times from 1 minute to 5 minutes  and then they also have signals for 15 minutes to 1 hour expiry times.

They also offer fully automated trading.

I personally recommend that StockPair and Ayrex are the best binary options brokers for trading these signals.

What makes this software quite unique in many ways is that apart from it being quite accurate, you can actually trade it without ever looking at another chart again in your life.

Take a look at this video of how to use the signals and place the trade.

Now that is amazing don't you think? Not a MT4 chart in

You can actually just get familiar with the signals and determine the best trades for yourself.

Now I must let you know that they run the whole site with an affiliate program and I have become an affiliate of theirs. Now as I say, if you know me and my website I never promote any of these programs although you would never believe how many emails I get daily asking me to promote stuff. I feel that this one has some merit, but of course don't just take every signal it gives. I still suggest that you still take a look at a chart before taking a signal.

As I do not even bother with 1-5 minutes trades normally, I didn't bother with those, but I found enough decent trades on the 15-60 minutes signals to recommend that you give it a try.

The only other software that I recommend is TradingPredictor.

Now the AutoBinarySignals website claims that they will be limiting the number of users at some stage, but I never know if that is a marketing ploy or if it is real, only time will tell I guess, but I suggest that you go and take a look at it and if you do decide to get involved, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is underwritten by Clickbank, so you know that you will get your money back if you ask for a refund.

You can visit the site here or by clicking on the banner below.

Auto Binary Signals Highly rated Binary options signals

Monday, 28 December 2015

TradingPredictor Update and Christmas & New Years special

TradingPredictor-Professional Trading Signals Software for Binary Options and Forex have made some updates and upgrades to the software recently and they are getting some amazing results with their improved offering which they are calling TradingPredictor v3 Ultimate.

They get their best results trading off the M1 charts and going for 5 minute expiry trades. previously they were concentrating more on 25 minute expires which you can still do, but it has been optimized now for 5 minute expiry times as well.

Actually they have short, medium and long expiry trade opportunities and can also be used for forex spot trading.

This is fantastic news for you if you find 1 hour signals and trades too long.

This is how it looks:

TradingPredictor Binary Options and fx professional signals software
TradingPredictor v3 Ultimate

That may look a bit busy at first glance, but once you go through the training it is actually quite straight forward. In fact they will be doing live training seminars starting in 2016 throughout the UK and beyond.

As with any strategy that you start using, you must commit to actually going through the training and getting familiar with it.(online) About three days of commitment seems to be about what you need to get on top of it, but you are never left alone and can have live Skype support if needed. 

The team over at TradingPredictor are so confident that you will be successful with the software that they will give you a guarantee that you will be profitable within one month or your money back.

They are giving a festive season promotion at the moment; £2.99 for a full 2 week trial.

Head over to their site now for all the details.>>> TradingPredictor site

Binary Options Advanced Indicator Update

Working with some of the more experienced traders that I know, we have made some nice adjustments to the advanced indicators that have made the whole thing much easier to take an entry and is actually getting much better results all round.

Another positive aspect is that it is making the MT4 work much faster.

We are calling it 6 HTTBOP. This is how it looks now.

6 HTTBOP Binary Options How it looks

Ok, very similar to 3 HTTBOP, but no HTTBOP_Trend_Signals indicator.

What we have instead is two HTTBOP_trendy indicators and the HTTBOP_change indicator has a different setting.

We still have the HTTBOP_FP indicator and volume and I have added back the Asian Breakout box, just to highlight London trading hours which is when I trade generally.

How it works.

I am trading off the H1 time frame still and waiting for a signal generated from the HTTBOP_change indicator.(the arrows)

I then look at my charts and what I am looking for is for both trendy lines to be the same color of the direction that I want to trade in.

So, if I have a down signal I want both HTTBOP_trendy indicators to be showing red lines and vice versa for an up signal.

If one blue and one red, no trade.

Then I look down below to the HTTBOP_FT indicator and I DO NOT want to see that it has broken the threshold line on the indicator. If it has, then no trade. It gives an alert if it has.

binary options indicator httbop_ft threshold line
Threshold line on HTTBOP_FT indicator

So, provided that the HTTBOP_FT indicator has not given an alert that it has broken it's threshold line and the actual candle that the HTTBOP_change indicator gave the signal on is not massively large compared to the other candles around it and it it does not have an unusually large wick, then we take the trade for a one hour expiry, taking into consideration any obvious support and resistance levels as shown by the fibopiv indicator.

Of course, not forgetting to only take the trade when the candle that you are on is showing the opposite color to the direction that you want the trade to go in as explained above with the 3 HTTBOP template.

In fact on most of my trades I only enter the trade when the price has retraced 50% of the candle that gave the signal. It is a judgement call as to how much of a retracement I allow for and in what time, but often a 50% retracement within the first 30 minutes. Sometimes just a 23.6% retracement of the previous candle, but I only enter the trade on a retracement is the point here, so in layman's terms, only enter the trade when the candle you are on is showing the opposite color to the direction that you want.

Sometimes it won't retrace at all but just go in the direction that you wanted, then you miss out, but as I have said before, if you only take the trade once you have some retracement going on as opposed to just entering the trade immediately you get the signal, you will come out better in the long haul.

If you abide by this one criteria before ever entering another binary options trade, I can assure you that your results will improve significantly. (this being on the H1 time frame)

Both the 3HTTBOP template and indicators and the 6HTTBOP template and indicators are available for download in the forum to members.

Also added for download 3HTTBOP with EMAs template. Very good.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Market Club Options

How To Trade Binary Options Profitably website has been primarily about trading binary options, but I feel that this website would be failing in it's responsibility to help you to become a profitable trader if it did not cover traditional options trading.

Now, what I am about to reveal to you really is for anybody who wants to take the next step up in the world of trading and into very profitable options trading.

In fact this is really the only way forward that I can confidently recommend to USA traders as I honestly cannot at this stage recommend a decent and regulated binary options broker for US traders. 

There is of course NADEX, but as I live in Asia, I can not even open an account as they do not accept traders from Thailand, so I really can't comment on them.

I feel that the biggest drawback to trading options has been the learning curve involved as most of us find it hard to explain how options trading works, never mind actually trading them and trading them profitably at that.

However we finally have a solution to that problem via Market Club Options.

Market Club Options (MCO) is a  course taught by one of their top options traders, his name is Trader Travis, an American chap. He teaches  a comprehensive options trading strategy using the Market Club service. 

I have just recently finished the course which consists of 9 video lessons that include exercises and tests with each segment. It also includes an Options Basics Bootcamp and How Not to Trade video lessons, plus a members forum which is really active.

I have only been paper trading it so far and I can really see the potential for making some good gains and will be going full on with it in a few weeks time.

Trader Travis has created a proof of concept exercise for you to take a look at that will teach you how to trade options in 10 minutes. The demonstration video actually lasts 24 minutes that shows you how to trade options in 10 minutes.It is free.

Click here to take a look at this proof of concept. It is free and also includes a downloadable PDF.

Honestly, if you want to get serious about becoming a full-time trader and say goodbye to the 9-5, then this really is the way forward.

You can also click on the banner below.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Binary Options Trading Signals

I get asked all the time about giving out Binary Options Trading Signals.

Well for me, I don't need the commitment of that undertaking. What I love about trading is the Total Freedom to "work" when I want. All I need is an internet connection and I am good to go.

If I did decide to give Binary Options Trading Signals, then I would have to make sure that I am giving them daily, so in effect creating a "job"for myself with hourly start and finish times, if you follow me.

Then if I felt that I had a job, I would want to get paid for it and so I would then charge for giving out my Binary Option Signals and next minute you know, I have a "job".

Which defeats the whole purpose of having a trading lifestyle for me. If you see what I mean.

I am not saying that I will never do it, as there is some really cool software coming onto the market that makes it all  automated.

Of course I do have the Binary Options Forums but that is where I help with explaining things  and we do look at live trading and what are the good trades, but it is a Trading community chat room and NOT a signal service.

Now, I know some people like to have signals for whatever reasons and some just don't have the time to trade or watch the markets, so I have researched a few that seem to be doing  fairly well and have decent feed back, but at the end of the day not one of them stood out as worth the investment.

Just remember Binary Options by their very nature are time sensitive, so bear that in mind when considering a signal provider and how the signals are delivered.

Friday 6th November 2015

Well fast forward a couple of years to today from when I wrote that bit above and I never was able to find a signal service that was worth the money paid for it and so I never did get around to recommending a binary options signal service provider.

The point is that I still get asked continually about providing a binary options signal service and the fact is that there is finally a service/software on the market that will make the whole binary options signals trading service a worthwhile reality for all concerned and so I have decided, with some of my trading buddies to finally start a Binary Options Signals Trading service.

I am talking about 80%+ ITM consistently here and the way we have it planned, you are going to love me long time. lol

So, keep checking back here and if you have not yet signed up for my newsletter, be sure to do that as the announcements will come from there first.

We will only be letting a certain number of people join per week in the beginning, so that we can be right on top of everything and give the best service possible. Later on we will see how we are going along and hopefully have space for many more as we progress.Time will tell.

Watch this space.