Monday, 26 September 2016

eToro Social Trading Review

I just recently took a look at the eToro newly rebuilt site after they got in touch with me and I have to say that I am pretty well impressed.

So much so in fact, that I am going to be recommending it as the best social trading platform on the market today.

eToro is Not Binary Options trading. 

You can trade currencies, commoddities, indices, stocks and ETFs on there, but of course the big draw card is the copy trading feature.

You can read here what I am saying to new and old binary options traders about this social trading on eToro.

Or just go and take a look at the site and get yourself a Free demo account and they will give you a nice walk through all that they offer and how it works.

<< Go here to take a look and get a free demo account >>

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Recommended Binary Options Brokers

Well, there are rotten apples in just about every industry and the binary options business is no different.

There really are some scam brokers out there, so you have to be completely aware of who you are dealing with.

I have tested out dozens of binary options brokers over the years and after all that time it comes down to this very small list of binary options brokers that I can comfortably recommend.

One of the very first things to look out for is to make sure that your broker is at least licensed.

The following are my recommended regulated brokers where you will receive a fair trading environment and above all else, actually get paid out your winnings.

Please note that I do receive some kind of affiliate payment from these brokers, but regardless I would still recommend them as they are the ones that I have never had any problems with.

I use the commissions to keep this site up and running and to provide you with your free indicators that I email off to you on a monthly basis and also use the commissions to test out new brokers and trading signals and robots.

So I ask you to use one of my recommended brokers if you are looking for a broker.

To be sure that the commission will come to me and this website of which you will be a part of and our FaceBook trading group , please clear the cookies in your browser first, before clicking on a link or banner

Hold down at the same time:


That will bring up the options to delete cookies and other site and plugin data.
Select that and clear from the beginning of time.

Once you have done that, then click on the broker banner or link that you wish to join or take a look at.

The reason for this is to make sure that you are connected to me, so that when you do contact me to tell me that you signed up under my link, there can be no discrepancies.

If you don't take this step, the brokers might say that you did not connect via me and that will be the end of that.

So, please stop right now and do that. Hold down at the same time:


and delete cookies and other site data and plugins from the beginning of time.

You will find that makes your browser speed up as well as it gets rid of all that trash.

My recommended brokers at the moment are all regulated and are :

24Option  << Click on the banner below to visit 24Option site >>

Stockpair  << Click on the banner below to visit StockPair site >>

InstaForex Binary Options  << Click on the banner below to visit InstaForex options site >>


IG Index  << Click on the banner below to visit IG Index site >>

NADEX Binary Options  (The ONLY Broker I recommend for US traders)

<< Click on the banner below to visit NADEX >>

All free accounts to join-  so sign up and have a play around and get a feel of what they have to offer and then get back to me if you actually make a deposit 

Don't forget to clear your cookies first!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Trading Divergence in Forex

"How To Easily Trade Divergence Like A Pro… This
Wealthy Money-man Will Give You His Secret That Could
Make 52% A Month In Profits, Every Month"

You know the one word traders fear more than any other?

I mean, this word is so scary to some that I have
friends who think I'm crazy to even say it here.

I'll name it for you, and then, I'll tell you how you
could beat it for some insane profits (like 52.41% a
month!) in under an hour a day.

The word is Divergence and frankly, I think it is a
price movement that gets a bad rap. Especially because
when you see what you could do with it. I'll show you
that in just a few…

(If you want to see how you could beat divergence, even
on the most aggressive trades, in just seconds, check
this out.)

Some call it "The Trade Most Profitable" and they're right!
I'm going to show you how lesser traders run scared and
those of us who know what to do with it rake in all the
money they dropped as they fled.

First though, what is divergence?

Basically all divergence amounts to is a signal where
your indicator and price appear to be moving against
each other.

So your indicator could be pulling a bullish signal,
but the candles are showing a bearish wick. That is
divergence. And that is where some of your biggest
bucks get made in the Forex market.

Now there are as many variations of the big D as there
are traders… Everyone thinks they know how to best
trade it. And for many traders that answer is not to
trade it at all. The instant they see divergence, they
are out. That could be a very, very expensive mistake.

Here's what I have to say about trading divergence.

Unless you have spent countless hours mastering
divergence, don't trade it unless you have a killer
system that virtually dummy-proofs it for you.

The single best method I have ever seen to foolproof
divergence profits is right here:

Otherwise you are going to doubt yourself, doubt price,
and make very costly mistakes. Here's how to make sure
that never happens to you again!

You will be able to see in an instant if a trade is in 
a divergence

You will see two higher time frame confirmations of the 
larger trend, and whether the trade is good to buy or 

You will even see a special indicator for "Unusual Price" 
movement that tells you "Do not trade now!"

With these two signs you know instantly if your trade
is conservative (divergence-free) or aggressive.

The left sign tells you the next higher time frame's 
divergence so you have instant trend confirmation.

The right sign gives you the divergence for the
time frame you're on. Two green checks means a
divergence-free zone.

And if you have one or both with a red X instead, you
know you have a potentially BIG MONEY aggressive trade!

And if both signs "go blue," you know you need to stop
looking for a trade on that chart because it is an
unusual price blip and usually an untradeable condition.

And that is only one of the double-filtering, high
octane indicators in this moneymaker.

You get trend confirmations on multiple time frames,
divergence and confirmation, whether the trend is
bearish or bullish, and even how to make sure you don't
stop out for a huge loss…

It even comes with its own proprietary trade assistant
that could move your stop loss and take profit so you
barely have to spend minutes a day making profitable
trading decisions.

With this method, you could easily, quickly, and most
importantly, consistently see $1,000 - $2,500 a day…
And average as much as $1,900.00 per trade!

Let's look at what that 52% profit rate would get you.
On a $1,500.00 investment at 52% a month, you could
have $150,096.56 in under a year!

And that's not blowing smoke because I've already seen
it make 52% a month for months at a time. You can see
the account statement for yourself, here:

The guy who created this D-busting system is an 11-year
FX veteran who cut his teeth as the boy genius of a
European hedge fund, Vladimir Ribakov.

He's written 2 bestselling trading books, has a huge
(50,000+) online subscriber base, and bankers now pay
him $500 a seat for two hours of his time.

You can read Vlad's personal story-and how he found
Forex gold-here:

You'll want to read about it because he has big plans
for 1000 lucky (I'd say smart) traders who join him in
his Forex Libra Code Members' Area…

He wants to make you $100,000.00 richer in six months.
If you want to make your trading virtually
divergence-proof, you need to test drive Vlad's new
system, right now:

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Forex Libra Code Review

The Forex Libra Code by Vladimir Ribakov has just been released and if the hype is anything to be believed, this could be a game changer for spot forex traders.

Vladimir Ribakov is a well known forex trader and educator and former hedge fund trader who now actually trains hedge fund managers, so he certainly has the credentials.

He claims that his Forex Libra Code is; "............the most advanced, profitable and simple-to-use  system for trading ever developed.... "

Well that is a pretty big claim!

I want waffle on, but as always leave it for you to check out for yourself.

<< Check out the Forex Libra Code here >>

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Binary Sports Trading

Yes,Binary Sports Trading. Well that is what I am calling it, although the official name is Sports Trader.

I received an invitation to a webinar about sports trading, which is just another way of saying sports betting and I did come away from it changing my terminology to sports trading and actually to binary sports trading.

The comparison to binary options is amazing, except for the fact that I think you may actually have better odds with sports trading and it takes up a fraction of the time.

Anyways, I won't blabber on too much as I always think it is better to hear it straight from the horses mouth so to speak, but what it is basically is a trading robot that does all the analysis of the various games and tells you what to bet on and how much to bet depending on your bankroll. 

You do not even have to be familiar with the sport or even a fan of it as the program is looking at statistical odds.

There are in fact over 150 proven profitable systems.

It is called Sports Trader.

<< Go check it out  here >>

The little video when you get to the page is pretty much what the webinar was about, just a more summarized version.

You can test it out for free with limitations and then there is also a $7 trial for a full copy for 3 days or you can get the complete version.

<< Check out Sports Trader here >>

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

FaceBook Binary Options Scammers - A Warning

You have most probably seen hundreds of those ads on FaceBook offering you an account manager to manage your binary options account and make you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ per week with their special software or many years of experience.

Or the ones where they say that they had been losing some huge amount until they met a certain Mr. Smith or Aunty Joyce or somebody neutral sounding like that. Yes?

Well, really? You're most probably thinking scam, and I hope that you are, but then something in the back of your mind is saying what if? what if?

Well here we have the tale of caution from Mr. Collins Nwanojuo who unfortunately fell for one of these FaceBook scammers and has now made it his mission to bring attention to this scam.

I was in contact with Collins and asked him if I could post his story here and he agreed as he wishes everyone to be aware how this scam works. 

You can get a hold of him on FaceBook if you wish to ask him more by clicking on his name Collins Nwanojuo

I have just copied and pasted his story here and so it is in his own words:



Are you a NEWBIE trader looking for "account manager" here in Facebook groups to manage your account?

If yes, then you are interested in getting SCAMMED. 

You may then contact any of the "account managers" on Facebook begging and pleading with you to hire them to manage your broker account, with a Scamming strategy.

Note that When you contact them, they will redirect you to their gmail account or mostly Skype, where they have a sophisticated scamming software (their brain) of asking you to deposit money with them and they will make you thousands of dollars every week.

I dare you to believe that!

When you foolishly send the money to them to open a broker account and deposit the money for trading. They will ask you for a further $550 -$1050 for a software to use in trading your account. Remember they are EXPERTS (scammers) in account management.

Again if you stupidly and maybe foolishly send them money for the non-existing so-called software. They will wait for a week for you to call them and demand your thousands of dollars per week (as agreed,remember?).

They will tell you that your thousands are ready for you to withdraw but there is a problem.


Calm down, they will say to you, it is that they need you to send them additional $300 for account verification before you withdraw your thousands of dollars.

If you send them this further $300 because you are the worlds most dumbest, insane and foolish human being on earth. They will smile and ask you to give them a few days to a week to verify the account with a promise of still trading for you with your first deposit of $500 plus the $12000 profit already made and further making you $55000 profit "wow" lol lol lol omg.

You fall for it because you are now a robot in their hands because like I earlier said you are the worlds most "foolishest" person alive.

After a week later, you are soooooo happy and expecting to withdraw $55000, so you try to contact them, but oh no you can't access their Facebook account why? (You've been BLOCKED) You ask yourself, but no problems, you check your Skype but found that you're BLOCKED also, omg oh no, you rush and check your email but yet again, your mails to him bounces.

Now you're so scared that you call him or her on phone but the answering machine says "the number you are trying to call does not exist please try again.

Now you're blood pressure is running so erratic and your about to pass out, only to remember that I WARNED YOU OF ACCOUNT MANAGERS on Facebook, that they are ALL SCAMMERS.

Please remember that no human being can make thousands for you on Facebook. It's a SCAM. I was a victim of scam myself, so am sharing what I know.

Please NEVER EVER send money to anyone on Facebook begging you to hire him to manage your broker account and make you thousands of dollars per week.

It's not true, they are all scammers. RUN

Well, there you have it in no uncertain terms.

So now you know how these FaceBook scammers work, don't fall for their tricks.

In fact why not call them out when you see these ads on FaceBook.

Many thanks to Collins Nwanojuo for sharing his story.