Saturday, 20 July 2013

ePayment MasterCard from BeeOptions

Well folks, after a long week of cycling around the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and with some aching muscles, I finally made it back to my home in Thailand.

One of the items in my snail mail waiting for me when I got in was my ePayment  MasterCard from BeeOptions

I had ordered this ages ago, but of course had it delivered to my  main residence in Thailand and not Cambodia.

Binary Options Prepaid Master card from Beeoptions
Blurred out some of my numbers with Photoshop
Yes, that is my correct surname in case you were wondering, but when I signed up for my YouTube account it was already taken by an American Christian guy with the same name as me, hence Mann was as close as I could get.

If you are not familiar with what this is about, it is a service offered by BeeOptions, whereby once you have your account set up and funded, they allow you to apply for this card through them. Then when you want to make a withdrawal from your trading account, it goes directly to your card and you can withdraw from there at any ATM.

Well, I was pretty happy to finally have it in my grubby hands and so logged into my ePayments account and went through the activation and verification process.

To activate it, there is a number that you can call and then you just submit your 16 digit card number and the 6 digit access code you gave when you signed up and that is it.It is all automated.

Then there is another step, in the back-end, where you can apply for your pin number, which is also straight forward.

Then to verify your account, you need the normal proof of ID and proof of address, however if you have your proof of address on the back of your passport and it is the same as the postal address that you want your card sent to, then there is no need for the extra proof of address.

The verification took about 24 hours to complete.

While the card is not verified there are limits on the card, one of them being a maximum of $500 for a daily deposit or transfer into the card.

With this in mind, I contacted BeeOptions and asked for a withdrawal of $500 to my card. They asked for my account eWallet number, which is the same as the bottom number below your name on the actual card.

Then seriously, within 20 minutes I had a notification email in my inbox saying "Incoming Internal Payment", so went back into my account and there was $465.05 in my eWallet.

On the first deposit, the yearly membership fee of the card is withdrawn , $34.95

Now the money is sitting in your eWallet and to get it onto your Mastercard, all you then do, is an Internal Payment and the money gets transferred instantly onto your card.

How good is that? No waiting around weeks and days to get your cash and you can also fund your account with the card. It is a proper working credit card and you can use it online, etc just the same as any other credit card, except of course that you can only use the balance that you have. (pre-paid)

Seriously, I have to say that BeeOptions is by far the best Binary Options Broker that I have ever dealt with and with this ePayment Mastercard attached to your account, it really does put them a cut above the rest of the Binary Brokers out there.

In any case, a day later, my card was verified and I went back to BeeOptions for a larger withdrawal amount this time, and this one went just as smoothly, but took about an hour to complete.

So, get yourself an account with BeeOptions if you don't have one yet, and if you do, apply for your card immediately. 

Oh yes, one more thing before I forget, when you make your initial application, there is an option to take normal Royal Mail delivery (it is issued in the UK) or express delivery. It say Royal Mail delivery will be between 4-6 weeks and is free and Express delivery is 5-8 days and costs about $90 if I remember correctly. Well I went for the Royal Mail delivery option, because I knew I wasn't going to be home for some time, but looking at the postal dates, it only took about 2-3 weeks to get delivered to Thailand.

Remember, if you join BeeOptions through one of my links I will give you access to my private community room, where you can have  instant access to me when I am in there or ask me for any assistance at any time as a member and I will give you priority response and help.

I will be adding in some other strategies there, with regards to, trading the news, one - three  hour expiration's on the breakout and spot fx tactics over the coming weeks as I am now back at home and have more time available.

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