Friday, 31 March 2017

Binary bots update 31 March 2017

Some nice updates made to the binary options bots.

Across all three bots an improvement is made that if for any reason you are disconnected from the binary dot com platform, the binary bot will keep trying to re-connect you until you are reconnected and then continue trading where it left off.

Also on the RSI bot and the Profit Vs Stake bot we have added in a setting that will allow you to set a minimum trade payout when trading currencies.

This solves the problem with trading currencies on the binary dot com platform where the payouts can fluctuate from 90%+ right down to the low 50% depending on how they want to price the market for their risk at any given moment.

With this setting you can tell the bot not to enter any trades below a certain percentage when it gets a signal to trade. e.g. Set it to only enter trades that are paying out above 88% and it will reject taking any trades below that amount for example.

This is a great advantage for us binary bot traders trading currency pairs.

If you have only been trading the volatility indices because of their high 90%+ payouts you can now trade your currency pairs with similar payouts.

This short video of 6 mins 28 secs will explain it in more detail.

I have sent you the update via the email newsletter, so please check in your spam folder for that if you do not see it.

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