Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Binary bots being withdrawn from public offering.

Breaking binary options news.

The developer of the binary bots has informed me today that he does not want to sell anymore bots as there are "enough people using them now"

His words and his bots, so his prerogative. He did not say anymore than that.

He has given me until Sunday 30th April to offer them and then come Monday the 1st May you will not ever be able to get them again. Ever.

The developer will honour all renewals of bots forever.

Such a pity as I am having solid results trading them. 

Anyways what can you do?

As a last offer if you still wanted a bot or all bots then this is your last chance.

You can get all 3 bots with a yearly license for $96 or buy them individually.

This is final unfortunately, so let me know.

Not sure what binary bots I am talking about?

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