Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Binary options copy trading update

Seems like we had a few teething problems with our copy trading last week, sorry about that, but I am happy to let you know that it is all sorted out now and it is all systems go.

We have also worked out a better way of recording the trades taken for the day now. You can check out the trade copying results page.

More good news is that PayPal has finally unfrozen my account after nearly 7 years and so I can now take PayPal subscriptions and also offer you a 7 day trial of copy trading for €1 and then €37 per month.

Take that while you can and lock that price in forever.

If you took the promotional deal, I have added in an extra two months for you to bring it to 6 months of service as my way of saying thanks.

It's all systems go.

==>> Get started with the trial here
==>> Get started with the trial here
==>> Get started with the trial here

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