Binary Options Bots

The developer of the binary bots has informed me  that he does not want to sell anymore bots as there are "enough people using them now"

The binary bots are no longer available for new users as of the 30th April 2017.

These pages and the links to the various binary bots will stay up as a reference for those who already have their binary bots.

Do not contact me wanting to purchase the binary bots. They are NO longer available.

These binary options trading robots are the business. Come and download your demo binary bots for free and finally start making some money trading binary options.

I have 3 binary options bots that you can demo trade to your hearts content.

The demo versions are free for you and they only work on where you can get a free demo account to run them on.

If you want to trade for real money you will need to purchase a real version of the bot that runs on a live binary dot com account.

The bots only work with binary dot com.

They each run on different strategies.

The three different bots are called:
  1. RSI
  2. Ichimoku
  3. Profit Vs Stake 
You only need one binary option bot, but it is possible to run all three binary bots at the same time.

I like to run all three bots on the same asset at the same time, but they can also be run on different assets at the same time. 

That is how I am using them, but it is up to you how you use them and whether you want only one, two or all three bots working for you.

They can be run directly from your computer or from a VPS.

Each bot has coded into it a reconnect, so if it gets disconnected from binary dot com for some reason, it will automatically reconnect itself and carry on trading.

As I mentioned, each bot runs on a different strategy, but within each bot there are so many possible settings that it is entirely up to you to find the perfect set up that suits your own style of trading.

When you download the demo versions you can connect them to the demo account of binary dot com and then you can demo trade until you find a set up that consistently produces a profit for you and that fits your trading style.

This is how they look with some sample settings: (click on images to make them larger)

RSI binary options bot updated bot and settings
RSI Binary Options Bot

Ichimoku Binary Options Bot
Ichimoku Binary Options Bot

Profit Vs Stake Binary Options Bot
Profit Vs Stake Binary Options Bot

Binary Bots Download Link

The link to download the demo versions came with the welcome letter that you received from me after joining my newsletter or you may have received them from Facebook.

If you have not joined my newsletter yet, then you will need to go and sign up on the top right there and then within a few minutes you will receive in your inbox a welcome email from me with the download link for the binary options robots as well as the templates and indicators for the manually traded strategies. ( Check in your Spam folder also)

Before I go through the set up procedure with you for the binary options bots, you had better check that you can in fact get an account with binary dot com, otherwise you will be wasting your time reading any further as they do not accept traders from some countries and territories.

If you already have a binary dot com account, you can skip these next steps and start again below where it says Linking your binary bots to your platform:

Firstly, it is always a good idea to clear the cookies and other website data in your browser before signing up for a new broker account. Doing this will always give you the latest version of the platform.

Just hold down at the same time: Shift+Ctrl+Delete on your keyboard and then a little pop up window will appear and then select to clear all the cookies and other site plugin data from the beginning of time. 

Once you have done that, then:

<< Go here to sign up for a free demo account >>
<< Go here to sign up for a free demo account >>
<< Go here to sign up for a free demo account >>

That will bring you to a page that looks like the following. (click on images to make them larger)

Now I have made that link land on that page so that you can read up a bit about Volatility Index Markets as that is what I am enjoying trading with the bots mainly.

You can trade any asset available on the binary dot com platform, but I am mainly trading the volatility indexes. There are a few reasons for that which I will go into later on. Unfortunately the Volatility Indexes are not available in all territories.

Ok, so after you have had a quick read of that, then click on Try It Now in the top right to get yourself the free $10 000 demo account or virtual money account as they call it or you can click the Try it Now banner below:

Click here to get your $10k Virtual Account for demo Trading
Look for a banner like this one or click this one. Same thing.

This will bring you to a page that looks like this:

binary dot com

Fill in your best email address and then click on Choose Free Account.

That will bring you to the following page:

binary dot com verification

Once you get to the above page, you will need to go and check in your inbox for an email from binary dot com and copy your verification token that they sent you in that email and then come and paste it into the page and then select a password and your country.

It is at this stage when selecting your country you will know whether binary dot com is available in your country. If your country is grayed out and you can't select it, then it means that binary dot com is not available in your country unfortunately.

You can however still select another country and get yourself a free demo account and still have a play around with the bots, but unfortunately you wont be able to get a real money account.

The only workaround that I see for you to get a real account in the future is if you know somebody well enough in a country where binary dot com is permitted and then get them to open an account for you.

Ok, so if you can select your country, then select it and Create New Account.

That will bring you to a page that looks like this:

binary options trading page

Congratulations. You now have a binary dot com virtual or demo account with $10 000 in it.

You can see your virtual account balance in the top right hand corner. Mine is showing more than ten thousand dollars as I have been using it for testing strategies with my bots, but yours should be showing $10 000

Linking your binary bots to your trading platform:

Ok, now that you have a virtual account with binary dot com I am going to show you how to get your bots set up with a few short videos.

Extracting binary bots to your desktop:

Setting up API token on binary dot com and on binary bots:

Binary options bots settings explained.

If you do not see the video below, then click here.

So just to recap a few things.
  1. The download link for the demo binary bots comes with the welcome message email when you sign up for my newsletter over on the top right there, unless it was a link I gave you on FaceBook.
  2. There are 3 different binary bots.
  3. You do not have to trade them on Martingale, that is just an option available to you.
  4. You can trade any asset that is available on your live binary dot com platform.
  5. Not all countries have the Volatility indexes.
  6. The demo bots do not expire and you can demo trade them forever.
  7. The demo bots do not work on a live trading account. You will need a live bot to trade a live account, which means that you will need to purchase a license key.
For a more thorough explanation on how the bots work, and some template settings please select your bot.(opens in new window) I go through each bot in detail.

Ichimoku bot

RSI bot

Profit Vs Stake bot

How much does a license cost for a live trading bot?

There are two licenses available: 6 month license and 12 month license.

A 6 month license costs US$35 per binary bot.

A 12 month license costs US$60 per binary bot.

Payment is via PayPal.

Please trade the bots on a demo account first before you decide to purchase them as there is no refund once you have purchased.

So if you have demo traded the binary bots and would like to purchase a license key so that you can trade with real money, then send me a message via the contact widget below, stating which binary bots you want after paying for them via PayPal.

Tuesday 25th April 2017

The developer of the binary bots has informed me today that he does not want to sell anymore bots as there are "enough people using them now"

His words and his bots, so his prerogative. He did not say anymore than that.

He has given me until Sunday 30th April to offer them and then come Monday the 1st May you will not ever be able to get them again. Ever.

The developer will honour all renewals of bots forever.

Such a pity as I am having solid results trading them on the daily time frame now. Just been setting em and forgetting em.

Anyways what can you do?

As a last offer if you still wanted a bot or all bots then this is your last chance.

You can get all 3 bots with a yearly license for $96 or buy them individually.

This is final unfortunately, so let me know.
Please remember that I am on GMT+7 which is Bangkok/Jakarta time so it might be the middle of the night when you send me a message, but I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Once you receive your license key from me, the first thing you need to do is go into your binary dot com real account and generate a new API token for each binary bot.

It is the same steps as I explained above for the virtual account, except that now you are doing it on your real account.

Now generate a new instance of your binary bot (by double clicking on it) and paste the newly generated  API token into your binary bot.

Then you need to copy the license key that I sent you after you paid for your binary bot(s) and then paste it in to the space that says license key on your bot, which is below the license seed number.

binary options bot license key

Now your bot is connected to your live account and ready for live trading and you will still have the other instance of the binary bot for demo trading. 

You can now still test for different settings on your demo account, while trading for real on your live bot.

Another way to do it, is to just have one instance of each binary bot and then just change the API Token between the live account and demo account, depending on what you want to do, as in trade for real or for demo testing. That is how I have mine.


I will make a list of questions and answers as they are asked of me and as I think of any. 

Feel free to ask away if you have any questions, but of course take a look first to see if your question has not already been answered.

If I am trading the volatility Indexes, must I still be careful of high impact news events?

Yes. High impact news events and speeches, especially President Trump. So it is still recommended that you have your MT4 set up with the FFCalendar indicator and have an alarm set to go off 30 minutes before a high impact event and then close your bot down and come back 30 minutes or longer after the events.


My bot stopped trading and say error message of some sort. What's the story?

That is one of two possible causes, either your internet dropped out and you lost connection to binary dot com or binary dot com had a server interruption and lost connection to you. The bots have a reconnect after disruption coded into them and they will usually just reconnect and carry on trading from where they were, so it is pretty rare that they would stop working.


Did you develop these bots?

No. I got lucky and met the developer by chance and we got to talking and one thing led to another and I convinced him to let me share them on my site.


Do the bots work on a Mac?

No the bots do not work on a Mac in the first instance.

However you will need to get some emulation software for your Mac or partition your hard drive, etc. Many Mac users have done that already, so if you get stuck maybe write below in the comments and maybe a Mac user will be nice enough to come and help you. I am on a windows machine myself.


My Ichimoku bot is not working, what is the deal?

Please make sure that you have selected a Time Interval. 

That is basically the chart time frame for the bot to be making its decisions from.

Set it to 1 minute.

Also make sure that you have selected some Ichimoku Entry Strategies.

There are 4 of them just below the Time Interval.

Select them all.

Ichimoku binary bot settings

I have explained above how these different entries work, so you may want to change those later depending on your style, but just to make sure that it is working select all.


I have the Martingale # of levels set to 1 and Martingale Multiplier set to 1 but it keeps stopping with the error "Stopped because Max Mart.Levels Reached with Loss"

This happens irrespective of the Mart # level. This then stops the bot running. Is this what its supposed to do or is it a problem on my side?

You need to set your number of Martingale levels to 10 or something if you do not want to be trading the Martingale and the Martingale Multiplier to 1

The Martingale levels tell the bot whether or not to enter another trade after you have had a losing trade. 

So if you have it set to 1 and you have a losing trade, then it cant go to trade/level2 and so says 'Stopped because you have reached the max levels with a loss"

The Martingale Multiplier tells the bot how much to trade if there is another level to trade.

So say you are flat trading with No Martingale progression and with $1 and 10 Martingale levels and Martingale Multiplier set to 1.

After your first losing trade, the bot knows that there is another trade to be made as you have set 10 levels. 

Then the Martingale Multiplier sees that it must multiply the losing bet by 1 so it does: 1x1=1 and places the next trade amount as $1

If that loses, then it does the same thing.

If it wins it goes back to the original stake level which is $1 in this case and starts again.

What happens if, once I have bought a license key for my bots, I have problems with my computer and need to re-install Windows, what will happen to my bots?

The license seed number that is generated when you first run the app to set up your bots is a unique number that is generated to your computer's hard drive.

So having to re-install a new windows is fine because each bot is actually licensed for two activations to the same hard-drive.


What happens if I buy a new computer and want to install the bots on there?

The license keys for the bots are non-transferable, so in that case you would need to buy a new license. However do get in touch first and let us try and see if we can sort it out.


Does binary dot com accept USA traders?

No, they do not. ______________________________________________________________________