Binary Options Trade Copying Service

I invite you to come and join my binary options trade copying service.

My service is open to anyone who can get themselves a account as the trade copying software that I have had made ONLY works with that binary options platform.

I have put together a small team of traders so that we can cover the markets from the Asian open to the New York close 5 days a week. We won't be trading major bank holidays. I will keep you posted on that.

We will be trading the exact same strategy which is a pullback strategy.

The trades are placed  on a master account and copied directly into your own account on the binary dot com platform.

I have no access to your account. You control your own account. My copy trading software simply copies my trades to your account.

You Do NOT need a VPS or to keep your account open or anything like that.

Besides setting up your account, there is absolutely nothing else for you to do but sit back, relax and watch your account getting traded with only the highest quality trades.

This is real automated binary options copy trading and it is profitable.

There are no restrictions on the amount of money per trade that you may set when using my copy trading service. The only restrictions to follow are those set by binary dot com which in most regions is €1 minimum to a maximum of €1000 per trade.

Please check in your own region as the minimums do differ from region to region in the world.

Unfortunately I cannot offer you a demo as I have no way of controlling who has a demo or real account and it is extremely complicated , so when you decide to start copy trading I suggest that you use a real account with a low Euro trade amount or you may also use a virtual account until you are comfortable with everything.

The cost of this service is €50 per month.

As a promotion I am also able to offer you 4 months for €100 for the first 20  19  18 17 people who apply, which equates to €25 per month or half price.

I intend to keep this binary options copy trading service low cost and profitable for you.

==>> Please check out our trading results and info by clicking here

Let us get started.

You will need to send me an API token and a few other bits of information and I will get your account set up for you.

You may trade with a  demo account or a real account, it is up to you. I suggest to start off just trading about 1% of your real account or a low Euro value and then you can change it as your confidence in the system grows.

If you do not have a binary dot com account yet, then you need to get one. You will always get a demo account to start with and then you will need to upgrade it to a real account.

If you already have a binary dot com account, then great.

==>> Get your binary com account

 Once you have an account, then log into your account on

To upgrade your virtual or demo account to a real account just look on the very top of the page where it offers "Upgrade to a Real Account" and go through the process.

Upgrade to real account

Now we need to get the API token and this is the same steps on both a real and virtual account.

Where to get API token

On the top-right click the little arrow next to where it shows the virtual/real account number and a drop down menu will appear like below.

Dropdown menu

Now select Security & Limits and then select API Token

API token

Now where it says Create New Token you need to choose a name.

Something like CopyHTTBOP or something similar. The name is only for your reference.

There must be No spaces between any of the letters and it must only be one word.

Where it says Choose scopes, you must select Read and Trade.

Then select Create.

Create New Token

Now it will generate a new token like below. Copy that token and send it over via the contact form below.

Copy token

You do not need to keep your binary dot com account open or anything for our trades to copy into your account.You do not need a VPS or anything.

Once you have sent over your settings, I will send you back a confirmation email and the payment options. Payment can be done only via Skrill at this stage.

<< If you do not have a Skrill account you can get one here. >>

Skrill allows funding with debit card, credit card, manual bank account, Neteller and bitcoin.

Skrill is the best eWallet for funding and withdrawing to your binary options broker account and is accepted on binary dot com.

If you live in the European Union you can get their pre-paid Mastercard.

Once I receive payment from you, then your account will be linked to the live copy trading account and will then copy any trades that we make.

As easy as that.

You can carry on trading with it as normal if you like and close it down when you have finished.

There is also no need to trade it, as we have enough winning trades for the month.

The only other thing that I need from you is your trade amount and Martingale levels if you want to change from the default which is One Martingale Level.

For your trade amount, you may select any amount in whatever your currency is. I suggest to keep it to round numbers only, example:€1, €2, €3, €4, €5, €10, €25, €50, etc and not €1.50 or €2.30 or €3.75 and things like that.

I need your amount as I have to set it up on my side, but you can change it anytime you like by emailing me or using this contact form.

Our recommendation is to only trade with 3% of your account balance as a maximum. If you wanted to trade a 3 level Martingale or deeper, then I suggest to only trade 2% of your account balance.

 You can see trade results and other trade settings suggestions by following the link below:

Please remember that in trading binary options to be profitable it is more like a marathon than a sprint.

By that I mean that you will have losing trades and losing days, but over the longer period of time and trades, like over a month and around 30 - 50 trades, our overall positive strike rate along with our clever use of the martingale will kick in and we should come out profitable.

Risk disclosure.

Binary options trading involves significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your invested capital, therefore you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.

By submitting the form below for binary options trade copying service provided by the website and it's owners, you agree that or any traders working on behalf of can not be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using our services.

We offer our services in good faith and are 100% committed to being successful. These are the same trades we trade in our own personal accounts.