Daily Market Analysis

Here is a really nice Daily Market Analysis.

It is a morning and evening market analysis and round up from Ino.com.

It comes direct to your inbox before the US markets open and after they have closed for the day and covers:
  • Key events for the day to watch out for
  • Technical Set - Ups and Resistance Levels
  • Sector Analysis - Stocks & Indexes, Interest Rates, Energy Markets, Currencies, Precious Metals, Food & Fiber, Grains, Soybeans, and Livestock.
  • Major Market Movement Recap
  • Top Stocks
Information really is power and by reading these reports on a daily basis, you will get a good overall knowledge of what is happening in the markets.

Now as I am based in Asia, I don't really trade the New York session as I am 12 hours opposite to it, but when I get up in the morning to trade the Asian session, I look for my Market Analysis in my inbox and just go through it to see what happened in the US session. Saves me loads of time and in 5 minutes I am completely up to date.

I suggest that you sign up for it. Just click on the banner below and you will be taken to the sign up page.

It's a freebie. Enjoy.