Recommended Binary Options Brokers

Well, there are rotten apples in just about every industry and the binary options business is no exception

There really are some scam brokers out there, so you have to be completely aware of who you are dealing with.

I have tested out dozens of binary options brokers over the years and after all that time it comes down to this very small list of binary options brokers that I can comfortably recommend.

The following are my recommended  brokers where you will receive a fair trading environment and above all else, actually get paid out your winnings.

Just before you do that, it is always a good idea to clear the cookies and other website data in your browser before checking out a new broker.

Doing this will always give you the latest version of the platform.

Just hold down at the same time: Shift+Ctrl+Delete on your keyboard and then a little pop up window will appear and then select to clear all the cookies and other site plugin data from the beginning of time or words to that effect.

Once you have done that, then take a look at my recommended brokers. 


This is a huge London based brokerage and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

They offer binary options as a recent add on to their main brokerage offerings which has forex, indices, equities, CFDs and spread betting.

For the binary options they have the following:
  • Tied trades and get your money back
  • Ability to set your own trade amounts
  • $200 minimum opening balance
  • $5 minimum trade amount
  • from 60 secs to next day expiry times
  • Wide selection of assets
  • Free demo account
ETXCapital might just be about the best broker on the market today and with the free demo account that you get which is exactly the same as the live account, you can practice your skills and strategies before trading with real money.

<< Start off by getting your free ETXCapital Demo account here >>
<< Start off by getting your free ETXCapital Demo account here >>
<< Start off by getting your free ETXCapital Demo account here >>

This is one of the oldest and most trusted binary options platforms on the market.

Formerly known as Bet On Markets, they eventually acquired the perfect domain name of

This binary options broker really does cover just about every type of trading that you can think of and the list of assets is really extensive.

I would have no hesitation in just saying forget all the other platforms and only use this one, except for two small factors:
  1. Tied or drawn trades are considered losing trades and you lose your money on tied trades.
  2. The payout percentages are not fixed and they fluctuate depending on market conditions. They can be very high, like between the 90-100% area, but they can also drop right down to the low 50% range.
Other than that, this broker offers:
  • Trades from as little as 35 cents on volatility indexes and 50 cents on currencies
  • Account opening from $10
  • Expires from ticks to minutes to hours to days, weeks and even years
  • Really easy to get set up
  • No problems with payouts ever
  • Has possibly the most funding and withdrawing options available and loading options that are country specific.
  • Accepts robot or automated trading.
  • Free demo account with $10 000 to practice your strategies


All free accounts to join-  so sign up and have a play around and get a feel of what they have to offer.