Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ichimoku binary options bot trading currency pairs vs Volatility Indexes

Some results trading the Ichimoku binary options bot on currency pairs versus the results I have been having trading the Volatility indexes.

The Volatility Indexes have a better payout percentage and can be traded 24/7 but are not available in some locations like Australia. There are some others, but I forget for now which ones they are.

In my previous posts on the Ichimoku  whether or not it is a bot that we can set and forget and just let it do its thing, we have each time managed to hit our Take Profit (TP) of $50 and reach a maximum Martingale Level (ML) of 5 levels.This being with the Volatility Indexes.
You can see those settings here.

Here are the results for Monday on the GBPAUD and EURAUD

GBPAUD Ichimoku binary options bot
GBPAUD Ichimoku binary options bot

So trading GBPAUD with $1 and 7 Martingale levels and a Martingale Multiplier of 2.2 and with a Stop Loss of $210 and Take Profit of $50

The $50 Take Profit was hit after 17 hours and 38 minutes and after 175 trades.

The max Martingale level of 7 was actually hit 3 times, but on each occasion won.

EURAUD Ichimoku binary options bot
EURAUD Ichimoku binary options bot

With the same settings as the GBPAUD above,the bot hit it's $50 Take profit after 20 hours and 10 minutes and 167 trades.

The max Martingale level of 7 was actually hit twice, but on each occasion won.

Trading the Volatility Indexes the max Martingale level hit was 5 and with much less trades done, around 82 on the one and it was about the same on the others. ( I forgot to write it down but it was around there)

This would be down to the payouts being much higher and stable on the Volatility Indexes, resulting in the bot having to take fewer trades and way more volatile on the currency payouts, and generally lower at around 82% compared to about a constant 92+% for the indexes when trading $1.

In summary, it means that I have hit my Take Profit every time so far and am yet to get Stopped out with the Ichimoku bot.

That may be me being very lucky as I know of two people getting Stopped out on their first attempt.

It means that for those of you who dont have Volatility Indexes to trade, then you can still trade currency pairs with the Ichimoku binary options bot and pretty much leave it running.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ichimoku Binary options bot trading ideas March 2017

I have been having really good results with the following settings on my Ichimoku binary options trading robot and it works good on currency pairs as well.

Ichimoku binary options robot settings
Click to enlarge Ichimoku binary bot settings

It is very slow, but consistent.

Below is all the trades it took to get to a $50 profit and the most Martingale levels it hit was level 5.

It hit 5 levels twice.

The 5th level Martingale with a $1 stake and Martingale Multiplier of 2.2 is $23,43 so maybe my Stop Loss (SL) of $550 is over  the top.
Might be worth testing on a much lower SL like $200 and 7 levels with a TP of $50 or something like that.

Of course you could go for a smaller trade amount to start with as well.

It has been performing very consistently now with those settings and even on currencies.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Binary Bots Special Promotion

The Binary Bots Special Promotion price of all 3 bots for $96 for a one year license is nearing it's end as I only have 9 of those offers left now.

When the last one has gone, the promotion is over.

You will still be able to get the binary bots, but you will have to pay the normal price of $60 per yearly license per bot. Still a great price and you will no doubt make that back in your first few hours.

<< For more info please read here >>
<< For more info please read here >>
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Binary Options Robot Review

I am going to let you do the review of these three binary options robots as they are free to download and demo trade on a binary options demo account.

Each of the three binary options robots works with a different binary options strategy as well as offering various binary options money management strategies as well as the Martingale for binary options progression that you can set yourself.

The best review I can give these binary options robots is to let you give the review after you have downloaded the free demo versions and run them on the free binary options demo account with first the suggested binary options strategy for each and then afterwards with your own binary options settings put into the binary options robots.

<<You can check the binary options robots out here.>>
<<You can check the binary options robots out here.>>
<<You can check the binary options robots out here.>>

Please leave your review of the binary option robots below once you have run your demo binary options trading with the robots.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Better than Binary Options Signals?

What could be better than binary options signals you ask?

How about watching the live charts of a successful binary options trader and entering the trade exactly when he tells you to; is what is better than binary options signals.

I have given a break-down on exactly how this works on the following page and also tell you how you can get your free 14 day trial:

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If you haven't had any success with binary options trading up until now, then things are about to change for you if you copy trade the binary option signals of this binary options trader.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Make Sure that your Market Panel Indicator has the correct time.

Some people are having a problem getting their HTTBOP_Market_Panel showing the correct time after the daylight savings time change.

You only need to set this up correctly once and then it will make changes by itself for any daylight savings changes in the future.

Broker time is required by the code that features PivotsTz and vLines. 

 When data feed is live the broker time is available. When data feed is not live it is not available. We need to find and input the Clock location that has the same time as the broker server. Then, even without live data feed we will still have the equivalent of the broker server time to work with, generated by the Clock, andthe PivotsTz and vLines will always display properly. 

Perform the following steps.

When there is live data feed use the Clock to find the Clock time zone location matching the broker server time. Change "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server" to "false". The Clock will display "B" (for broker server) at the time zone location matching the broker server time.

You can populate the Clock with all labels to find "B" (see Clock instructions below).

Chances are the labels needed are already displayed. If "B" shows in the "London" label
things are not so clear because London time is GMT during the non-DST time of the year
(winter in northern hemisphere). During that time we can not tell from the Clock if the
broker server is on GMT or on London time all year. Call your broker to find out.

You now have the Clock Proxy Server TZ location, either from the Clock or your broker.

Type this location name, exactly as it appears in the Clock, into the Preface input called

 Now change "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server_Tz" back to "true" for normal operation. 

You have successfully completed the steps to assure the correct and 24/7 display of PivotsTz and market vLines. This indicator adjusts for DST changeovers when they occur twice yearly, which happens at different times at different places. This is fully automated. No adjustments for DST are required by the user.

The default "Clock_Proxy_Server_Tz_Location" is "Helsinki" because it is the most popular
time zone used for broker servers. If this is not the time zone your broker server uses,
then PivotsTz and vLines will display incorrectly. 

So, be sure you follow the steps above to confirm this default selection is correct, and if not then to find and input the correct Clock Proxy Server TZ location. Without an input this indicator will not function. Be sure that "Clock_Normal_vs_Find_Server" is "false" only when searching for the Clock Proxy Server TZ location. It must be "true" for normal indicator operation.

This is how mine looks:

Market Panel settings for Daylight savings